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Jerry Angelo’s 4th Best Acquisition

Thomas Jones-RB-Free Agent 2004: Jerry Angelo arrived in Chicago just months after his predecessor Mark Hatley made Michigan running back Anthony Thomas the team’s second-round pick. Despite Thomas leading the Bears’ offense that year and becoming the team’s first Offensive Rookie of the Year since Gale Sayers, Angelo stated after the season that he didn’t […]

Jerry Angelo’s 4th Worst Acquisition

Jonathan Quinn-QB-Free Agent 2004: Rex Grossman had showed promise at the end of the 2003 season to be the Bears’ quarterback of the future. His injury history to that point was clean, so the position of backup quarterback wasn’t thought to of urgent focus. When Angelo signed Quinn, Kansas City’s backup quarterback, the reason was […]

Jerry Angelo’s 5th Best Acquisition

Adewale Ogunelye-DE-Trade 2004: Lovie Smith’s defensive system demands a pass rush, and a pass rush usually requires at least one stud pass rusher. In 2004 the Bears invested heavily in tackles Tommie Harris and Tank Johnson in the first two rounds and later Claude Harriot in the fifth, but Alex Brown wasn’t going to cut […]

Jerry Angelo’s 5th Worst Acquisition

Kordell Stewart-QB-Free Agent 2003: Probably anticipating that he would be drafting a quarterback, and with the release of veteran starter Jim Miller, Angelo was in the market for the standard veteran quarterback to guide and tutor the rookie. So free agent Kordell Stewart was signed. Stewart had a very up-and-down career with the Steelers. Drafted […]

Jerry Angelo’s 6th Best Acquisition

Roberto Garza-G-Free Agent 2005: Garza was signed as a free agent by Angelo prior to the 2005 season. At the time the Bears were grooming 2002 third-round pick Terrence Metcalf to take the starting right guard job, and the signing of Garza was widely panned as Garza had suffered knee injuries and was missing cartilage. […]

Jerry Angelo’s 6th Worst Acquisition

Frank Omiyale-OL-Free Agent 2009: Angelo steadfastly refused to build the offensive line through the draft during his tenure. Granted, his very first pick was an offensive lineman (Marc Colombo in 2002). But aside from 2008 first-round pick Chris Williams, Angelo only selected linemen in the mid to late rounds of the draft, and rarely at […]

Jerry Angelo’s 7th Best Acquisition

Robbie Gould-K-2005: I’m so enamored with this player that looking back, maybe this should be higher. This was absolutely one of Jerry Angelo’s best finds. Kickers are certainly important. When a team finds a great kicker, they can be critical to a team’s success. When a kicker is bad, it greatly impacts the team’s fortunes. […]

Jerry Angelo’s 7th Worst Acquisition

Roy Williams-WR-Free Agent 2011: At least the Bears didn’t do what Dallas did when they gave up first and third-round draft picks for the enigmatic receiver. Williams had enjoyed success in Detroit under Mike Martz, making the Pro Bowl in the 2006 season. He was a flop in Dallas, and when the Cowboys released him […]

Jerry Angelo’s 8th Best Acquisition

Ruben Brown-G-Free Agent 2004: Former Bears guard Chris Villarrial was a fixture at the position from 1996-2003, but he was entering unrestricted free agency in 2004, and the Bears chose not to match the Buffalo Bills’ big-money offer. Instead they chose to sign Buffalo’s castoff at the position, Ruben Brown, who had played in eight […]

Jerry Angelo’s 8th Worst Acquisition

Brandon Manumaleuna-TE-Free Agent 2010: The boneheaded signings of Chester Taylor and Manumaleuna in 2010 went hand-in-hand. Manumaleuna ostensibly was demanded by offensive coordinator Mike Martz when he came to town, the tight end having been drafted by Martz in St. Louis. Manumaleuna was nothing more than a third offensive tackle to block for Martz’ frequent […]