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Bears-Seahawks History

I always found it interesting that when the Seattle Seahawks and Tampa Bay Buccaneers were added to the NFL in 1976, some notable things took place those first two years. Seattle initially joined the NFC West and Tampa Bay’s inaugural season had them slotted in the AFC West. The teams switched conferences the following season […]

Chicago Bears History on Packer Eve

It’s the eve of the huge 2012 Bears Packers matchup, why not spend it talking and learning Chicago Bears History at St. Xavier University? I’ll be there tonight at 6:30 for a multimedia show on the 93 years of Bears history. The presentation will include reflecting on the score from the picture, and dreaming of […]

Chicago Bears History Presentation Sept. 12

Especially if you’re on the South Side, come out and join me for a presentation on the 93 years of Chicago Bears History on September 12th, 6:30 p.m. on the campus of St. Xavier University. Hope to see a great turnout! Share

Chicago Bears: High Expectations

As I trust everyone reading this realizes, there is training camp buzz around the 2012 Chicago Bears that hasn’t been present since before the 2006/2007 seasons. With the presence of the Bears’ first bonafide quarterback/receiver/running back combination since the days of the mid-1980′s, there are real expectations for a deep run into the playoffs (note […]

Jerry Angelo’s Best Acquisition

Jay Cutler-QB-Trade 2009: Regarding franchise quarterbacks, defensive ends and left tackles, the old adage is that teams usually can only get one at the very top of the draft, and once they do get one, they never part with him. Thus the NFL world looked on in wonderment in early 2009 when a battle began […]

Jerry Angelo’s Worst Acquisition

Todd Collins-QB-Free Agent 2010: In the grand scheme of his ten seasons leading the Chicago Bears, perhaps listing a one-season backup quarterback as Jerry Angelo’s worst personnel acquisition is not fair or legitimate. Collins only played in two regular season games and one playoff game, and word has it that the signing was demanded by […]

Jerry Angelo’s 2nd Best Acquisition

Julius Peppers-DE-Free Agent 2010: The Chicago Bears organization over the years has been known as a cautious one. Rarely does the organization rush to sign the top free agent of any given year, thus setting the bar for the NFL. Much more frequently they proceed with caution, only signing known commodities to team-friendly contracts. In […]

Jerry Angelo’s 2nd Worst Acquisition

Adam Archuleta-S-Trade 2007: Archuleta was a first-round draft pick by Lovie Smith during his first year as defensive coordinator in St. Louis. He was an All-Rookie selection in 2001, and a solid safety for the Rams through the 2005 season. In one of their usual free agent signing binges, in 2006 the Washington Redskins signed […]

Jerry Angelo’s 3rd Best Acquisition

John Tait-T-Free Agent 2004: Throughout Jerry Aneglo’s Chicago Bears tenure as General Manager, from start to finish, he had a track record of tinkering with “projects” at the critical position of left offensive tackle. The left tackle on the offensive line is the most critical position, as this is the lineman that needs to seal […]

Jerry Angelo’s 3rd Worst Acquisition

Gaines Adams-DE-Trade 2009: The fact that Adams died tragically of an undiagnosed heart condition following the 2009 season is not a consideration here. This was still an awful move when Angelo sent Tampa Bay a second-round draft pick in 2010 for Adams, who had underwhelmed on the field despite being the fourth overall pick in […]