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Mike Ditka: Top 10 Coaches

My latest appearance on NFL Network’s Top 10 shows, this episode being the Top 10 Coaches of the 80′s. Thanks for watching. Share

Honoring Iron Mike

It’s been a crazy NFL season, as they all are. With a win tonight against Dallas, the Bears can again pull even with Detroit (record-wise), after the Eagles took care of the Lions on Sunday. In order to secure a playoff berth, the Bears must win out and have Detroit lose at least one game. […]

St. Louis Bound

Man, that Ravens game. With the circumstances and heady play of Josh McCown and the defense (when needed), that will go down as one of the most unique Bears games in my lifetime. I’ll have to write a whole story about that. Today it’s time to head to St. Louis for what will undoubtedly be […]

Soldier Field Evacuation

Nine-minute video from under the stands during the Bears-Ravens game evacuation of the stands. Crazy, crazy day. I will never identify those doing the talking on this video. Enjoy. Share

Curse of the Honey Bears

I don’t truly believe in curses, even as a Cubs and Bears fan. And I don’t remember anyone associated with the Honey Bears saying anything about the team not going back to the Super Bowl after their contract wasn’t renewed for 1986. I enjoyed watching the Honey Bears immensely when I was a little kid […]

Top 10 NFL Curses Appearance

I most certainly will have egg on my face if my interview didn’t make the cut, but here goes nothing. In March 2013 I was interviewed for NFL Network’s Top 10 series on several Bears-related subjects. If my interviews don’t end up landing on the cutting room floor, this will probably be the pinnacle of […]

Bears History at Brookfield Library

The Chicago Bears History road show continues on Tuesday, October 22nd at 7 p.m. I will be doing my 90-minute multimedia presentation on the Bears’ 94-year history at Brookfield Public Library. Information on the event is available on the Brookfield Public Library Home Page through the event date. Hope to see you there! Share

Chicago Bears Shoe Color

I spy a change that I don’t necessarily like. Waiting on confirmation. In 1990, Mike Ditka‘s Bears made a throwback change to their uniform. “Back in the day,” before shoe company endorsements became a multi-million dollar industry, football shoes were black. Just reading Billy “White Shoes” Johnson’s nickname (he dyed his shoes white on a […]

Bears to Retire 89 for Ditka

Thankfully the Chicago Bears organization clarified this issue when they announced that after Ditka’s, they will no longer retire uniform numbers for players. I say this because I was getting confused. Unfortunately from a football operations perspective, the Bears went down a slippery slope of retiring numbers years and years ago. For many years they […]

2012 Chicago Bears Season Page

Completed the 2012 Chicago Bears Season page at over the weekend. An air of change, perhaps never before seen in the 93-year existence of the Chicago Bears organization, settled into Halas Hall in January 2012. Perhaps the major change in 2012 would have been limited to one, had the Bears continued the prosperity they […]