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Bears-Seahawks History

I always found it interesting that when the Seattle Seahawks and Tampa Bay Buccaneers were added to the NFL in 1976, some notable things took place those first two years. Seattle initially joined the NFC West and Tampa Bay’s inaugural season had them slotted in the AFC West. The teams switched conferences the following season […]

Viking Win-What We Learned

What we learned yesterday about the Chicago Bears: – Through the first ten games of the season, the Bears showed they could beat the teams they’re supposed to beat, and unfortunately that they cannot beat contending teams. (Note that I didn’t say will not, I hope they will, but so far they have not.) Yesterday […]

Watershed Moment Tomorrow

Wow, when was the last time the Chicago Bears had a 7-3 record and its fan base was anxious? (Then again I may be the only fan that’s anxious). In 2001 and 2005 at this point the Bears were rolling, and more importantly at least two other teams in their division were out of the […]

Beating by the Bay

The 32-7 beat-down the Bears took at the hands of the San Francisco 49ers last night was a loss counted on by many (including our resident commenter JDM). It was just one loss. Every season other than that of the 1972 Miami Dolphins has its disappointments. Could the Bears regain their bearings and come back […]

Bears at 49ers-Predictions?

Surprising development greeted us this morning-apparently 49ers quarterback Alex Smith will not play tonight. Given that this will be San Francisco backup Colin Kaepernick’s first career start, and Bears backup Jason Campbell’s 71st, one might think this would provide confidence. However, I still remember Eric Hipple’s first start against the Bears on Monday Night Football […]

Friday Six-Pack: Bears at Niners 2012

Critical Games-The home loss to the Texans by seven points while the defense again did everything it could was frustrating. But being an inter-conference game, it was the best game the Bears could have lost. However, it was only the second game in 2012 against top NFL competition, and as we all know the Bears […]

Houston, A Problem

What more can I say about tonight’s Bears loss to the Houston Texans, the only NFL team Chicago has never beaten (0-3) that you don’t already know? Bullet points: – How many more times can this 2012 Bears defense, who I think are playing better than they did in 2006, have their performance squandered by […]

Tests Passed Against the Lightweights..

I, along with a lot of you, suffered through the long Wannstedt and Jauron years. Hell, I even endured three of the four Neill Armstrong seasons. Having been through that, it’s wonderful to say that it’s great to be a fan of the Chicago Bears again. However, not to bring up anything bad while basking […]