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Bears Release Nine So Far

Nothing much worth reporting on the final 2012 Chicago Bears preseason game, other than to breathe a sigh of relief that there weren’t any critical injuries. (I’m still waiting to hear what’s going on with DT Brian Price). After hearing of other teams playing their starters in the most meaningless exhibition, I’m glad to know […]

Bears at Browns Preseason 2012

WSCR’s Bears beat reporter called the fourth NFL preseason game “the biggest ripoff in professional sports.” And as a season ticket holder that is forced to spend $360 on two ridiculous meaningless games, I agree. I won’t be spending money on this one since it’s in Cleveland, but it will even be painful to watch […]

Bears at Giants Preseason 2012

My five things to watch in tonight’s 2012 Chicago Bears preseason game at the New York Giants: 1. Most importantly, when I watch, I certainly hope I see no more injuries! I know this is not something anyone can control, and in this game the players need to play into the first series of the […]

What About the Right?

While watching Bears games, I always try, unsuccessfully, to focus on the play of the offensive line. I say unsuccessfully because naturally my eyes draw me back to the focus of attention, the ball. I wish I could get better at focusing on the line at times to see how they’re doing. That being said, […]

Introducing Our New Contributor

In the past I have frequently used the term “our” here, I suppose that has always been more like “The Royal Our” since it’s been just me posting. But now we will be able to honestly say that there is more than an I, there is in fact an our, because we now would like […]

All Urlacher, All Day Today

The Bears broke training camp in Bourbonnais today, but the news was practically all Brian Urlacher. Luckily, Urlacher says he feels much better, is “relieved”, and he’s focusing on being ready to play in the opener. September 9th is all he cares about, he told Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune. Maybe he has more […]

8-14-12 Chicago Bears Quick Hits

The major news today, of course, is that Brian Urlacher underwent arthroscopic knee surgery today. After being “excused for personal reasons” for a week, while the team claimed his knee would be OK for the season opener. Urlacher reiterated today that he was gone for personal reasons when asked if the absence was related to […]

Preseason 2012: Broncos-Bears

If any Chicago Bears fans are concerned about their team’s ugly 31-3 preseason-opening loss to Denver, remember that the Packers lost too. And despite the Packers’ vaunted offense played poorly, Green Bay players reminded their fans that it’s only the preseason. It was hard for me to find many, if any, positives from the Broncos […]

Broncos at Bears Preseason 2012

It’s certain none of us will see much with the starting 22 players in tonight’s preseason opener at Soldier Field. (How is it possible that the Summer just began and it’s time for preseason football already?) But the Chicago Tribune did a good article on what bears watching. (Unfortunately you’ll have to sign up with […]

What’s Going on With ‘Lack?

Caught the Bears report on the Score on the way home from work. Seems that concern is growing fast about Brian Urlacher. Prior to today he had missed four straight practices, now he hasn’t been at training camp for two days. The radio hosts seemed to indicate that the “personal issue” Lovie Smith alludes to […]