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Anthony Adams, Class Act

Hope everyone caught the comments from defensive tackle Anthony Adams, whom the Bears released this week following a pretty solid five-year career with the team. Here are his parting words, courtesy of Sean Jensen’s article in the Sun-Times via “Thank You Chicago!! Thank you to all of the coaches, all of the players, all […]

Chicago Bears Invented Gatorade Shower

Despite the fact that I’ve almost been awake for 24 hours, I received a challenge today and decided to make good on it. Apparently in January 2008 I reminded everyone that the first Gatorade Shower occurred in 1984 when the Bears clinched their first division title. The New York Giants have claimed over the years […]

The Bucs are Considering Who?

Since we last visited: The Bears have hired former Jay Cutler tutor Jeremy Bates as quarterbacks coach. On Wednesday, they completed their new offensive coaching staff by bringing in former Tampa assistant Tim Holt as their new offensive line coach. Keep in mind this is the fourth new set of offensive coaches in Smith’s nine-year […]

An NFL Player to Respect

Wish we saw these stories more often. Here I am, wide awake at 3:30 a.m. on Super Bowl Sunday. Nothing to do with the Super Bowl, just my normal insomnia. I’m in the middle of my once-every-five-years deep cleaning of the BearsHistory Bar and office, so figured I’d get up and get back to work […]

Super Bowl 46

A lot of people ask me who I think is going to win the Super Bowl-my answer-no idea. If asked who I’m cheering for, I guess I have to pull for the Giants. Not only am I indebted because they have surprisingly knocked the favored Packers out of the playoffs twice now, I have to […]