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Trib: Bears Seriously Looking at Ruskell

My coverage of the possibility that the Bears might hire Tim Ruskell as Jerry Angelo’s replacement at GM was mostly sarcastic, I admit. I didn’t really think the Bears could possibly hire the very most underwhelming, and scary given his record in Seattle, candidate. But in today’s Tribune it is reported that “There is an […]

Tice Yes-DeCosta No

Catching up on today’s news on a busy day for my “real” job. That didn’t take long: today the Bears officially promoted Mike Tice to offensive coordinator. No surprise there at all. Let’s just hope this goes better than the “promotion” of John Shoop to replace Gary Crowton. That didn’t go so well. Interesting thing […]

How Full is Your Glass?

So the last post made shortly after the announcement of Jerry Angelo’s firing was posted before the Ted Phillips presser at 4 p.m. Tuesday. As we all know now but didn’t then, we were in for several surprises. I had to DVR the press conference due to work and still haven’t watched it, but got […]

Angelo Fired as Chicago Bears GM

Twenty-nine years of watching a Chicago Bears team run by the McCaskey family has lulled me into never expecting bold moves. Michael McCaskey took over as president of the team following the death of his Grandfather George Halas in 1983 (as season in which the team finished 8-8 I might add with a smile). Michael […]

Bears Finish Disappointing Season

The only interesting footnote to the 2011 season is their 8-8 record is the first time they have finished with that mark since the NFL went to a 16-game season in 1978. (I was wrong-see below). Other than that, all we can say is what a disappointment. I wrote on Friday that I admit I […]