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Phil Emery Introduced as Bears’ GM

Like the decision or not, Phil Emery is here as the new General Manager of the Chicago Bears. Not that there is anything not to like immediately. Change always brings hope. Emery says his goal is to win championships. As undoubtedly Jerry Angelo said in 2004, and what Michael McCaskey said in 1993 after firing […]

Emery New Bears GM

For an organization that seems to move at a snail’s pace when it comes to making big decisions-that was rather quick. One day after conducting their final interviews, the Bears have named former scout Phil Emery as their new General Manager. Emery replaces the fired Jerry Angelo. Emery was the reported front-runner for the job […]

Jeff Pearlman’s Sweetness

Jeff Pearlman’s book Sweetness: The Enigmatic Life of Walter Payton was released in October 2010 to a flurry of controversy. I appreciated that Pearlman and his publisher Gotham Books sent me a review copy. Due to a backlog of reading material, I didn’t get to starting it until December. It has taken me until now […]

Ruskell Paranoia Ends

At least that’s one less thing to worry/complain about. Today’s Chicago Tribune reports that current Bears director of player personnel Tim Ruskell has been eliminated from consideration to be the next GM. According to the article, the finalists are Jason Licht from the Patriots (the guy it is reported has absolutely no control under Bill […]

2011 Conference Championships

I pledged that I would always owe the New York Giants a debt of gratitude after that team shockingly upset the Green Bay Packers in Wisconsin in 2007. My fondness for the Giants continued, even after they embarrassed the Bears in 2010. Then this year, what do you know, the Giants again pulled off a […]

2011 Conference Championships and Thoughts

Prior to the 2010 season, I was hoping that it would take a couple more years than it did for Jim Harbaugh to break into the NFL head coaching ranks. At the time, I figured Lovie Smith would have a year or two more before he coached himself out of the Bears’ gig, and thought […]

2011 Chicago Bears Season

The 2011 Chicago Bears looked to be a sure bet to secure the top wildcard spot in the playoffs. The day was November 20th, the time early evening. The Bears had just won their fifth straight game as they handily beat the reeling San Diego Chargers. The previous week, the Bears had avenged an earlier […]

GM Interview List Revealed

Any of these guys do anything for you? I didn’t like Dick Jauron as a coach. But at the end of the 2003 season, as much as Jauron was doing nothing for the Bears, at the time I thought “why fire a guy unless you KNOW you have targeted a better replacement.” I didn’t want […]

Arkush on Bears’ Situation

For the record, I could not stand Hub Arkush for a number of years. When he served as an extension of the Bears’ organization as a part of their gameday crew, he was practically intolerable in my opinion. Constantly condescending to the fans (i.e. “let me explain this a little better for the fans, who […]

More Articles Point to Ruskell

Sorry to say it Bears fans, but the scary news on the GM front continues to build, if you believe longtime writers such as John Mullin (which I do). Mullin’s recent article goes a little deeper into why it looks like Tim Ruskell may end up being the Bears’ organization’s choice to succeed (the ultimately […]