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Chicago Bears Weekend Six Pack’s Chicago Bears weekend six pack.

Walter Payton’s Legacy

Reaction to the new Walter Payton biography.

Bears Schooled by Packers

Chicago Bears’ prospects in 2011 not looking great.

1995 Chicago Bears

Quarterback Erik Kramer was sacked 15 times in 16 games in 1995. Compare that to Jay Cutler’s 11 sacks in two games in 2011.

The New Orleans Debacle

Thoughts on the Chicago Bears 30-13 loss in New Orleans.

Chicago Bears Facebook and Twitter

Follow on Facebook and Twitter.

Bears Getting a Bit More Respect

Bears getting a bit more respect this week, but not from Vegas.

Bears Destroy Falcons in Opener

The Chicago Bears shock the “experts” and dominate Atlanta in the season opener.

2011 Chicago Bears Opening Day

Thoughts on the Chicago Bears entering the 2011 regular season opener.

Briggs-Your Thoughts

Thoughts on Lance Briggs’ contract demands.