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Kreutz Out One Game Short of Record

Olin Kreutz’ 13-year career as a Chicago Bear is over.

Bears Taking Many Flyers

Bears sign Barber, Okoye, likely to lose Olin Kreutz.

Busy Bears Friday Summary

Bears resign Adams, Roach; bring in Gholston and Williams, get first-round pick inked on a busy first day of their season.

Olsen Gone, Williams in the Fold

Greg Olsen gone, Roy Williams in the fold.

Chicago Bears Activity Heating Up…

Chicago Bears sign a punter, swap tight ends, may lose Kreutz?

Olsen on the Block?

Greg Olsen’s agent reportedly tells the league the TE is available for minimal compensation.

Brad Maynard’s Departure

Brad Maynard’s 10-year Chicago career draws to a close.

Football is Back

Chicago Bears and NFL football is back!

Owners Vote to Lift Lockout

NFL lockout may be nearing an end?

Harbaugh: Bears’ Draft Screwup Intentional

Ravens coach John Harbaugh claims the Chicago Bears intentionally screwed up draft deal.