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Bear Weather for Sunday

High of 20 degrees predicted for Sunday. I’m not correlating the weather with the Bears’ chances of winning….we all know that history has proven that the Bears certainly do not play better in “Bear weather”. But nothing like a cold playoff game.  Getting excited. Share

Holy Schnikes/Seahawks

Holy Schnikes! Seriously, if you predicted that the Packers would beat the Eagles in Philly, and the Seahawks would knock off the defending Super Bowl champions to bring 7-9 Seattle into Chicago, please let us know. To me, it is no surprise that Green Bay defeated the Eagles.  Since the 59 point trouncing of the […]

Playoff Schedule

Just throwing a question out there to solicit your opinions.  I doubt anyone will have the answer, but at least hearing your theories would be good.  Probably only the marketers at the NFL know the answer. Why does it seem the Bears are always locked into the Noon Sunday start when they host divisional playoff […]

Bears Uninspired in Loss to Packers

I was searching for a word to describe how I felt about the season-ending loss to the Packers.  I saw it on the front page of the Tribune this morning-”Uninspired”. To me, it was more like the Bears were simply uninspired when it came to their opportunities to score touchdowns.  The defense certainly didn’t play […]