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This is Once-in-a-Lifetime Territory, Folks

In 2001, had the Bears defeated the Eagles in the divisional round, and the Packers beaten the Rams, the Bears would have hosted the Packers in the NFC Championship Game.  I thought at that time, “How awesome would that be!!!” In my lifetime, either the Bears and Packers have both been really bad at the […]

The Root of my Lack of Faith

Firstly, please allow me to offer myself up for a slapping from the Bears organization, coaches and players.  Had someone asked me to place my bet for or against the 2010 Bears hosting the NFC Championship game, I would have put my money squarely on there being no chance. But, in my defense, here is […]

Packers in NFC Championship

As I mentioned Friday, I’m through being bitter about the media’s golden-child treatment of the Packers this season.  Indeed, the Packers now deserve all the credit they’re getting for making it to the NFC Championship game as the sixth seed in the NFC field. I cheered neither for nor against Green Bay tonight, because either […]

Lovie and Jerry

Just my opinion. Heard people talking on sports radio earlier today.  Some callers still feel vehemently that should the Bears lose to the Seahawks tomorrow, it would be a disgrace necessitating the immediate firing of Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo.  Now of course, let’s hope that doesn’t happen. My opinion is, if the Bears beat […]

Interview on KIRO Seattle

Talked last night for a bit with Frank and Josh of Northwest Nights on KIRO in Seattle.  They were pretty nice to the enemy, and didn’t call me Rob.  24 hours to tailgating! Share

Interview with Richard Cross

The interview on Sports Talk with Richard Cross has been posted in the media section at  Nice interview, I was excited to talk about Bears playoff football.  I got the “Rob” treatment in the end, which happens to me a lot for some reason.  I’m used to it. I appreciate Richard and staff having […]

48 Hours to Playoff Football

Funny, I just went back and read what I wrote on the eve of the season opener.  I thought that would be fun, on the eve of the Chicago Bears’ first playoff game in four years.  I didn’t say anything prophetic, of course, just that I had no idea what the Bears would look like, […]

Listen Live 5:15 p.m. Central

I’ll be talking Bears-Seahawks on Sports Talk with Richard Cross today at 5:15 central for anyone interested in listening, it’s streamed live on the Internet. One of my friends reminded me yesterday that there were 97 hours until kickoff.  Excitement for the Bears first playoff game in four years is mounting. Share

Here Comes Wanny…

Hide your football teams, NFL, because Dave Wannstedt is trolling for employment.  Run out of Chicago, Miami and now Pittsburgh, it is speculated that Wanny will land a defensive coordinator gig in San Diego or Carolina. Good luck fans of the Chargers and Panthers.  Things are about to get much worse for you for the […]

Hot Site of the Week

Jack Styczynski let me know that is the Fan’s Choice Hot Site of the Week at his website, the Sports Hot Sheet. Thanks, Jack. Share