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WGN Radio Interview

A Chicago Bears Blog for Chicago Bears Fans, 2010 Chicago Bears and 2011 Chicago Bears season information.

Chicago Bears History-Aurora

Chicago Bears History presentation at Aurora Public Library.

2010 Chicago Bears Season’s recap of the 2010 Chicago Bears season.

Bears Fans 2010 Epilogue

What a great rivalry and historic game. Unfortunately my team didn’t make it happen for me.

Final Words on the NFC Championship

The time has (almost) come. When I received my playoff tickets on Christmas Eve, I looked at the NFC Championship ticket and laughed. So many unlikely things would have to happen for the Bears to host this game. And here we are.

The Countdown Begins

It’s the final work day before the biggest NFC Championship game of most of our lifetimes.  After the week of buildup, I thought I’d have something really poignant and stirring to say.  But I guess I’m done for the week.  Just over 48 hours to gametime, and it will be time for the players to […]

72 Hours

Thanks to all that have checked in this week.  I can’t believe it’s already Thursday, and I can’t believe it’s only Thursday.  If you know what I’m saying. All I have at this point today is to announce that the Packers have moved up to 3 1/2 point favorites, from 3 earlier in the week.  […]

Losing Experience a Positive?

Already Wednesday in this long and edgy week of anticipation. I believe the media descends on Chicago today for the annual NFC Championship media day, an event I remember taking place as far back as 1988 when the 49ers visited the Bears.

A Sensible Packer Fan

Bears players and fans know that the whole world is against us this week. Seems everyone in the world believes the Bears don’t have a chance to stop the juggernaut that is the 2010 Packers.

On Aaron Rodgers

Today should be the only quiet day of the week before Bears-Packers hysteria of epic proportions ramps up.  So I’ll try to keep the rhetoric on the rivalry as light as possible on this day. I have always had strong feelings about Aaron Rodgers, feelings that are changing based on his actions, and I thought […]