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The End Finally Arrives

Just had to acknowledge the end of Brett Favre’s games-started streak, after he sat out Minnesota’s most recent embarrassing loss. Great streak of 297 games started Brett.  Now go away.  It’s quite apparent you overstayed your welcome. Share

Metrodome Roof Collapse Video

I just have to say, when I saw this, all I could say was oh…my….God.  I’ve been in the Metrodome four times or so.  As small as it is in relation to many NFL stadiums, it’s pretty immense inside.  And thinking of that thing coming down…wow. We’ll see where the Bears and Vikings play next […]

Bears Embarrassed by Patriots

What more can I say?  In a game that was built up beyond belief in Chicago over the last week, the Bears were completely embarrassed at home to the best team in the NFL.  Hats off to the Patriots. Thank God the Bears received a gift from the Detroit Lions in the form of their […]

“I think the Bears are going to Win”

Talked to my Dad tonight-the guy that in 1979 got me started on my Bears addiction as an eight year old, and he said “you know what, I think the Bears are going to win Sunday.”  Doesn’t sound very poignant, unless you know the story. When I was eight, my Dad took me to my […]

One Reason to Worry

No, I’m not talking about injuries to Pisa Tinoisamoa and Nick Roach…those would be the only injuries to worry about for the Bears. As usual, 100% of the prognosticators at Profootballtalk are picking the Patriots.  (I know it’s only 2 people, but 100% sounds better).  ESPN is beginning to worry me…three of their 10 are […]

The Browns Beat the Patriots

Buried in all the reasons that the experts are correct in surmising the Bears cannot beat the Patriots linger a few rays of hope.  One of them is that the Cleveland Browns beat the Patriots.  The Browns beat the Patriots.  The Browns, quarterbacked by Colt McCoy, beat the New England Patriots at the start of […]

PFT Week 13 Power Rankings

God forbid!  How did this happen?  (Get ready to fall out of your seat)…after picking against Chicago in 4 of their 5 straight wins, Profootballtalk has ranked the Bears as the sixth best team in the NFL, one spot ahead of the Green Bay Packers.  My God, man. Then they rank the Packers as the […]

The Mother of Statement Games

Just saying.  Back in 1984, when the Bears knocked off the defending Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Raiders, that game is still looked at as the game that marked the arrival of Chicago as a legitimate contender. Now the situation would not be exactly the same, because the Bears were supposed to have arrived in […]

Biggest Game of Smith’s Career?

To me, it seems that this Sunday’s game vs. New England at Soldier Field will be the most important regular season game of Lovie Smith’s career.  The Patriots are scary, coming off a 45-3 drubbing of the New York Jets last night. I’m not saying it’s do-or-die, even though a Bears loss and a Packer […]

Bears Defeat Lions

I think I’ll barely (BEARly) get this out as I see there is a Comcast internet outage.  Service is spotty. So as much as I worried the whole game, the Bears did defeat the Detroit Lions for the sixth straight time.  The Bears have now won five games in a row.  Then why, when I […]