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Lovie Smith’s Contract

So even the most ardent proponents of the firing of Lovie Smith, Jerry Angelo and potentially others have to know that it’s not happening now that the Bears have won the NFC North division.  What I wonder at this point is when will his contract extension be announced, and what will it be? Two issues […]

Devin Hester, How Good is This Guy?

Was watching the game tonight with a great friend and neighbor who happens to be a huge football fan but a Florida native (Bucs fan).  Was glad to have a good friend witness history with me when Mr. Ridiculous set the NFL record for return touchdowns. But I had to explain to him-hard as it […]

Bears 2010 NFC North Champs!

I started this blog in May of 2007.  After the Chicago Bears lost Super Bowl 41, many said “there will always be next year, we’re going back to Super Bowl 42!” I always had it in my gut that I knew how hard it would be to repeat, but I have to say that I […]

“Snowmageddon” In Minneapolis Tonight

ESPN is calling tonight’s game “Snowmageddon”.  The more I think about it, I’m hoping it doesn’t turn out like the 1977 Ice Bowl, but it very well could. I just thank God Bob Avellini isn’t our quarterback this time.  I’d trade running backs with the 1977 team, though. I am hoping that the Bears surprise […]

Favre, Vikings Squeeze Every Last Bit of Dignity

In case any of you haven’t heard, the Vikings have taken the unprecedented-and we mean unprecedented-step of moving a player’s injury status from OUT (0% chance of playing) TWO steps up to “questionable” on the day of the game. I can hear the pregame show already, and it goes something like this: “Leave it to […]

Playoffs in Bears’ Hands

Whew.  I can say now that you have to admire the Packers for how they played in New England against all odds.  I wouldn’t have said that if the Packers would have won-which I thought is what was going to happen.  Had they won, I would have been angry with how the Patriots played at […] on Chicago Huddle

For those in the Chicago area-check out Chicago Huddle on Comcast Sportsnet Chicago the next two Sundays.  This Sunday they’ll be profiling and next Sunday 12/26 the BearsHistory Bar.  I’d like to thank Joe, Greg and April Rose for giving us the opportunity (and free publicity). Chicago Huddle airs at 9:30 a.m. Sunday mornings […]

Unthinkable Could Happen This Weekend

Admit it along with me-going into the regular season there weren’t many that would have predicted that the Bears could clinch the NFC North this weekend.  I’m always hopeful but realistic about the Bears, and watching defensive meltdowns and a scary offensive line in the preseason, I saw no way of this happening. But I […]

Latest Opinions on Lovie & Jerry

(Might as well add Teddy (Phillips) in there too, but don’t want to get too carried away). I received a nice message from Dave, who is yet another Chicago Bears fan in the UK.  Dave related that he became a Bears fan through his dad back in the glory days just like I did.  So […]

Good Luck Redskins

That’s all I can sarcastically say when I saw this. Share