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Concussed Cutler

Look, I want desperately for the 2010 Chicago Bears to be successful.  I never thought they would start this season 3-1, so they have surprised me pleasantly.  If things do start to tumble, at least I won’t be shocked, as the season will have gone as I expected it to.  And if it happens, it […]

Bears at Panthers 2010

Found it interesting to note that Carolina is favored by a point this weekend, showing how little faith anyone still has in the Bears. If there ever has been a must-win game for a 3-1 team over an 0-4 team, it’s this one.  Once again, just as I thought just about every other week, the […]

Cutler Out Against Panthers

If this were an Outlook e-mail, I’d put one of those red exclamation points along with it. Jay Cutler has started 57 straight games in his career.  It took the 2010 Chicago Bears offensive line to knock him out for the first time.  Today it was announced that Todd Collins is the starting quarterback of […]

Running Game Woes

Sean Jensen of the Sun-Times writes today about the Bears’ running game, which is ranked second-to-last in the NFL.  As I said before, in my opinion there is no way the Bears are a serious threat to any other teams if they flat-out cannot run the ball. I realize that the statistics show that over […]

Anderson, Grant, Moss

Yesterday the Bears cut fifth-year defensive end Mark Anderson and signed former Saint Charles Grant from the UFL.  Bit of a surprise to me, but not much fretting.  Yes, Anderson tallied 12 sacks his rookie season, and has done virtually nothing since.  It was time to move on. In non-Bears news today, however, comes the […]

Bears Offensive Line Woes

Can anyone make the argument that the entire Bears offensive line doesn’t need to be replaced before this team has any chance of winning? It’s quite obvious after Sunday’s debacle that no matter which way you slice it, there are major problems on the line.  It would be one thing if they only allowed 10 […]

Bears Exposed by Giants 17-3

Exposed is the most apt term I can come up with.  The Bears lost to the Giants tonight 17-3, but it easily could have been 31-3. Starting with the positives, the only positives, probably lost in the end is how well the Bears defense played.  Despite dropping three potential interceptions, the defense kept the team […]

Bears at Giants 2010

Uh-oh.  This Sam Farmer character, after predicting that the Bears would hardly show up to the park to play the Cowboys and Packers, has Chicago going 4-0 with a win in New York Sunday.  I don’t know if that’s a bad omen, but I have faith that the Bears will continue to play decent football […]