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Rivals’ Resurgence Another Thorn to Bears

The Chicago Bears didn’t play on Sunday, but they still dropped out of first place in the NFC North for the first time in 2010.  Maybe I should first pause and appreciate what was just written-who would have thought that the Bears would have owned at least a share of first place in the division […]

Now We’ve Got Jay Cutler!

Thanks to John that posted this link to what I thought was a hilarious Bears parody on the Facebook page.  Very nicely done, too bad I can’t argue with it.  What a shame. Enjoy your weekend, during which we’re guaranteed to not see a maddening Bears loss!  Go bye week! Share

Bears Denied Entrance to Club

That headline isn’t a veiled reference to their poor play, although I’ll say everyone can go ahead and joke about it being due to their embarrassing play on the football field.  The Chicago Sun-Times today has a scoop that a group of Bears players were denied entrance to a trendy nightclub on Monday night, with […]

2010 Chicago Bears Offensive Offense

With two Chicago Bears losses to teams they should have beat lingering in my memory, my thoughts are extremely scattered this week.  I was going to take the bye week off from posting, but there’s just too much to say.  As Perno said, I am both confused and angry after the team played well enough […]

Disgusted Reaction to Ugly Loss

I was going to take today off from posting, and I’m going to take much of this bye week off.  Actually I can’t remember another time when I was happier that there was no Bears football on a given week in the Fall. Nice comments from the fans in yesterday’s post.  It’s odd, I know […]

Bears Embarrass Themselves in 17-14 Loss

Lovie Smith has said in the past that whenever the Bears defense holds their opponent to 17 points or less, the Bears should win that game.  While the Bears collectively gave up 17, seven of those points were on a return of one of Jay Cutler’s four interceptions.  So the defense, in an extremely solid […]

Sexy Rex and the Skins

I keep reading this week about how Redskins backup quarterback Rex Grossman thinks he’ll be booed at Soldier Field on Sunday. This makes me chuckle.  Does Rex realize that backups don’t get introduced, and there is little chance he’ll see the field, therefore how does he think he’s going to get booed?  Save your dreams […]

Hayes: Martz’ Offense “Bumbling”

Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz was almost literally run out of the last three cities he coached in.  Sometimes it takes seeing it in your own back yard to understand–there seems to always be the feeling that “sure, it happened there but it won’t happen here.”  Just like I’m beginning to see for myself some […]

Da Bears: 1985 and 2010

I forgot to mention one more enjoyable aspect of

The Martz Roller Coaster

Prior to the season, I had high hopes for Mike Martz in Chicago, but I also had high fears that the experiment could end in disaster.  The preseason looked awful, leading to a lack of hope on my part come opening day. Then on opening day the Bears successfully flung it all over the field, […]