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Vikings and Packers 2010

Since the Vikings play tonight to open the 2010 season, figured I’d write a few thoughts about them.  I can’t believe how excited I’ve been this week for football to start.  I’ll finally be able to sleep better tonight. I’m so looking forward to tonight’s game with the hope that it will finally be Brett […]


I know, a little bizarre that I’m so vested in this subject.  For some reason in the 2005 home opener against Detroit, for the first time in their history, the Bears decided to wear their white road uniforms at home.  They repeated this practice in 2006, again against the Lions.  The 2007 home opener against […]

Bears Insider September 2010

Interesting that hours after questioning Jerry Angelo’s drafting over the last nine years, I was 20 feet away from him at the Bears Insider event at Halas Hall Monday night.  I am quick to criticize the Bears organization when they deserve it-and they often do-but I have to say I commend them for inviting around […]

More Scrutiny on Angelo

Following the release of his top two draft picks from just one year ago, defensive lineman Jarron Gilbert and wide receiver Juaquin Iglesias, further scrutiny should be placed on GM Jerry Angelo’s draft record. Angelo has now run nine drafts for the Bears.  He has hit on some players, yes, including LB Lance Briggs (3/2003), […]

Bears Winless in Preseason

The 2010 Chicago Bears finished the preseason 0-4 for the first time since, gulp, Dave “Wanny” Wannstedt’s final 4-12 campaign in 1998. But I would tend to agree with the team’s assessment that it does not matter.  The lines we are being fed are that most of Mike Martz’ offense has been masked, and the […]

No Bears Starters Tonight

Preseason games are snoozers.  But much more so when the starters don’t play, which seemingly will be the case tonight in Cleveland. On the one hand I would hate to see any injuries.  On the other hand, this will do nothing to quiet the worry the both the Bears offense and defense is in complete […]

Diverging Views on 2010 Bears

Yesterday, in a Chicago Tribune article I saw in the paper but can’t find online to link, several sources said they’re confident the Bears offense will get it in gear for the regular season opener. Contrast that with Mike Mulligan’s article in the Sun Times today, in which he says that “stuck in neutral might […]