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Beware of Giants

The Bears are leading the NFC with a surprising 3-0 record and have beaten two teams predicted by most “experts” to play in Super Bowl 45, the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers.  This Sunday night, the Bears travel to New York to take on the Giants in prime time in their new stadium.  The […]

Bears Move up in Rankings

As many of you have correctly pointed out, in their attempt to justify their continued love of the Green Bay Packers as Super Bowl 45 champs, the national media is having a hard time acknowledging that the Bears did indeed defeat their rivals.  I personally am also dealing with those that think the Bears don’t […]

Packers at Bears 2010

We believed.  They did it.  We did it.  Tonight the Chicago Bears beat the Green Bay Packers 20-17, despite the national media having already elevated them as Super Bowl champs as of about mid-August. So now the Bears have beat two of the sweetheart Super Bowl picks in the Cowboys and Packers, and are now […]

George Blanda Passes

In my Chicago Bears presentations, one of the things I always talk about is George Blanda.  In 1959, Bear owner/coach/legend George Halas pronounced Blanda washed up after 10 years and cut him.  Blanda proceeded to play another 16 years or so and ended up being the longest tenured NFL player in history.  (Something Brett Favre […]

Waited all Week for Monday Night

I’ve been waiting for this game all week, and it’s finally here (almost).  Not sure what more to say today.  After having lost most of my faith and excitement in the Bears around week four of the 2007 season, I’m finally allowing myself to believe again.  Why not believe, even if it doesn’t happen? Does […]

Bears vs. Everyone, Including Us

I’ve been picking up on the theme the Bears players seem to be rallying around this season-the theme of “it’s us against the world, everyone, no one believes in us but us.”  And even though it seems that their loyal fans are included in what they feel are their enemies, I’m fine with it, if […]

Excited for Chances vs. Green Bay

Impressive.  Check out this NFL video movie of the Bears win over Dallas.  If this doesn’t get you excited about what the Bears can do against their rivals, I don’t know what will.  I was surprised to see Lance Briggs high-fiving the fans after the game.  With their comments to the media you’d think they […]

Thursday Thoughts

No fresh ideas today, other than my recurring thought that I believe the Bears can come up with ways to beat the Packers, despite already being annoited as Super Bowl champs by the media. A few stories from this morning: Charles Tillman has caused the seventh-most fumbles among all current active NFL players. Brad Biggs […]

‘Twas the Middle of Packer Week

…the biggest Packer week since 2001, in my estimation.  Not counting last year when the teams played on opening day, or 2008, which was huge for the Bears but the Packers were out of contention. Green Bay has been the sweetheart Super Bowl Champion pick of many if not most of the “experts,” experts both […]

Packers Favored by Three

As I expected, the oddsmakers have the Green Bay Packers favored by three points over the Bears for Monday Night’s game.  Considering that the home team normally gets three for being at home, they actually think the Packers should be favored by 6. It’s going to be a long week of thinking about the upcoming […]