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Urlacher Could Care Less

Just an early Tuesday morning diatribe while floating in the wake of an ugly Bears loss, during which the team looked disinterested in playing even average football. For those of you that were at home as I was, Fox 32′s Lou Canellis interviewed legendary Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher before the game.  As most of us […]

Bears Terrible in Dress Rehearsal

For all NFL teams, the third preseason game is the dress rehearsal for the season, the most important event until real play begins. And the Chicago Bears looked atrocious.  I can’t remember the Bears looking worse in the third preseason game in all my years watching them.  Worse than Wanny bad, worse than Jauron/Shoop bad.  […]

Wright’s Turn?

In 2005 it became a Lovie Smith tradition to start a rookie safety.  That year, Chris Harris broke into the starting lineup.  In 2006, it was Danieal Manning, then Kevin Payne the next year (the plan anyway, until his injury), and Al Afalava in 2009.  It’s looking like sooner rather than later, Major Wright will […]

Davis: “People Put Stuff on Me”

Ah, Rashied Davis.  I was so happy for this guy in 2006.  A former arena football player that took his game to the next level and apparently succeeded, making several CLUTCH receptions in the Super Bowl year to win games. Then in 2007/2008, the memories that stick in my brain are “it’s third-and-eight, there’s Rashied […]

Harris Still Key to Defense

Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune writes today that after three down seasons, defensive tackle Tommie Harris is returning to form. I sure hope so.  In my opinion, we can trace Harris’ ascension and descent and draw and exact parallel with the rest of the defense.  When Harris played at a high level-up to the […]

Bears Still Awful on Third Down

Last year the Bears ranked 27th in the NFL in stopping the opposing team on third down.  “No excuse,” says linebacker Lance Briggs in an article by Neil Hayes of the Sun Times. I’ll say it again, in my opinion it doesn’t matter how awful the offensive line continues to play (although that will get […]

Bears Sign Backup QB Collins

The Chicago Bears today signed quarterback Todd Collins to compete for the backup role.  It will be interesting to see how the 82-year old Collins (kidding, I’m the same age as him) does.  Let’s just hope and pray we never see him in the regular season. I remember when Collins was drafted in 1995, and […]

Raiders 32, Bears 17

Good to see the Bears starters fight back from a 10-0 deficit to lead the Raiders 14-13 at halftime.  Highlights were Matt Forte’s 89-yard touchdown run, which showcased both the return of Forte’s speed and fantastic blocking up front, and a fourth-down Jay Cutler touchdown pass to Johnny Knox.  Not to forget the ensuing two-point […]

Johnny Bailey Passes

Now that the 55 greatest games series that turned into something more like 59 greatest games is over, we can get back to posting on more current events. Today I read that former Bears running back Johnny Bailey, who was with the team in 1990 and 1991, has died from pancreatic cancer at the age […]

The Most Memorable Chicago Bears Game

Bears 46, Patriots 10: Super Bowl 20: January 26, 1986 Probably pretty anti-climatic to end this series this way, since I’m sure everyone already knew that Super Bowl 20 was the greatest and most memorable Bears game played in the last 32 years. Chicago Bears players traveled to New Orleans for Super Bowl 20 the […]