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2010 Schedule Trepidation

Just looked up the official definition of trepidation so I can get some synonyms, and “agitation” is one of them, so the headline is right on. I’m expecting for the 2010 schedule to be released in the very near future, hopefully by the end of next week (4/16) at the latest.  Although it could be […]

Bears Can’t Land Sims

The Rob Sims trade/acquisition has happened.  But it wasn’t the Bears that acquired him.  Yesterday, the Detroit Lions landed the Seattle veteran guard for just a fifth round draft pick.  It does make one wonder that with the price so low, why didn’t the Bears do something to be the team to land a solid […]

Goodbye Alex Brown

It was nice knowing you.  It really was. Today the Bears officially released Brown, you can read their official story on the matter here.  Interestingly, he’s still listed on the website’s roster as of today. Brown will be missed, by fans in the know anyway.  In eight seasons with the Bears, he started 107 games, […]