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Chicago Bears Free Agency 2010

Not long after Bears CEO Ted Phillips announced the Bears would not go “hog wild” in the free agency period that opens Thursday at 11:01 p.m., Brad Biggs writes that the Bears actually may pursue upgrades at several positions, including free safety and defensive end. At least it’s refreshing to not hear Lovie Smith and […]

Bears Raise Ticket Prices

The last time the Bears raised ticket prices after an unsuccessful season, when I voiced a little frustration, I got bashed with the implication that season ticket holders should feel honored to have them no matter how expensive they are.  So I’ll just start with one comment I received about it: The fact the Bears […]

DePaul Escorted from Building

When I wrote the Richard Dent post yesterday prior to 4 a.m. and stated that there was no other Bears news, how wrong I was.  My early schedule just kept me in the dark from the night before through to when I wrote the update before work. On Monday afternoon, (now former) Bears director of […]

Dent Snubbed for Hall of Fame

Not that this is a news flash or anything-it’s not.  But there’s literally nothing else Bears-related to discuss at the present time. As we know, despite experts feeling that this was finally his year, Richard Dent again failed to make the Hall of Fame in voting Super Bowl weekend. Up until this year, even I […]

Reggie Bush a Bear?

It’s just a very small blurb from a website known to stir the rumor pot.  And most of the rumors stirred in their pot never happen.  And this isn’t even a rumor…. But today makes mention of Reggie Bush’s looming contract situation, and suggests how intriguing Bush might be to Mike Martz to fill […]

Chicago Bears Best of the Decade

I almost fell off my seat laughing.  Perusing the most recent issue of ESPN the Magazine, there is a small blurb listing the player that led each significant statistical category in the decade 2000-2009.  While reading the first few names, I said to myself “well I know there are no Bears on this list.” I […]

Marinelli is your “New” Defensive Coordinator

So it’s official, Rod Marinelli is indeed the Chicago Bears’ new defensive coordinator.  The announcement came today, several weeks after Lovie Smith said it wouldn’t happen. Something is getting lost here in the reporting of this.  We all know that Smith called the plays for the Bears’ atrocious defense in 2009.  But his buddy Bob […]

Mike Martz Could Have Been…

I found it interesting that at least in the first day or two after Mike Martz’ hiring as the Chicago Bears offensive coordinator, I didn’t see any of the local writers remember that Dave McGinnis intended to hire Martz as his OC at that time. But we all remember what happened with the 1999 Chicago […]

Excitement for Martz-Really

OK all, you’ve seen plenty of frustration from me over the three plus seasons I’ve been updating this blog in conjunction with my main site  (Hard to believe that sucker has been online for 10 years now). And in my opinion there is a 50/50 chance that Mike Martz’ system will flop in Chicago, […]

Chicago Bears Hire Mike Martz

Well, I guess it was for real, as the Bears have hired Mike Martz as their offensive coordinator.  And as Pro Football Talk writes, if it doesn’t work out Martz, Smith, Tice, Marinelli (and Jerry Angelo hopefully) can all look for work together in 2010. Share