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Cue the Clown Car Music

I couldn’t say it any better than does. And I quote: “Now this is getting ridiculous.   The Bears have lowered their standards, and they’re still striking out [finding offensive coordinator candidates].” This is in reference to the face that Pittsburgh offensive coordinator Frank Cignetti has declined to interview for the job. Do you […]

Bears Follies Talk of NFL

In 2003, I did want to see Dick Jauron and his staff fired.  However, it was also my opinion that if Jerry Angelo didn’t already know who the right person to replace Jauron was–the person that would be better than Jauron thus the reason for terminating Jauron, then he might as well not do it. […]

And What of These OC Candidates?

Greg Knapp, former offensive coordinator in several NFL cities?  Now gone to Houston. Gene Saunders, disciple of Air Coryell, coordinator of one of the great all-time offenses in Kansas City earlier this decade?  Unemployed. Jim Fassel, widely respected offensive mind?  Unemployed. As much concern as I have had over Mike Martz, I’d take him at […]

NFC Championship Trophy Presentation

I was happy to see the New Orleans Saints presented with the George S. Halas Trophy tonight rather than mercenary Brett Favre’s Minnesota Vikings.  Look, I give him credit, he and his team played their hearts out, but good for the Saints. I have heard some say they don’t want to listen to two weeks […]

What does Lovie Really Think?

I caught Zach Zaidman and Dan Hampton talking Bears on the Score this morning.  Hampton was highly critical of the current state of affairs, stating that he doesn’t think Lovie Smith will change any of his ways of thinking despite the situation in which he finds himself.  Zaidman’s opinion is that Smith and Jerry Angelo […]

NFC Championship Prediction Time

Some would say it would be immature for one to root against his team’s rivals just because they’re his rivals.  So I won’t publicly say how I feel about Sunday’s NFC Championship in New Orleans. I’m interested to know how you all feel.  Let’s just say I do feel like I have a vested interest […]

Hire Successful D Coordinator? Forget About It

Yesterday, it seems Broncos coach Josh McDaniels may have pulled a Lovie Smith.  The Broncos and defensive coordinator Mike Nolan have “mutually agreed to part ways”.  Which seems to be more like “McDaniels wants to hire a buddy from New England,” just as Smith wanted to replace a successful Ron Rivera in 2007 with one […]

Gaines Adams Dead

Oh my God.  I’m saying that in a stunned sort of way. Today I read in the paper that apparently former Bears defensive tackle Dusty Dvoracek has relapsed, and was arrested in Norman, OK for public intoxication and hitting a security official.  If we’ll all remember, Dvoracek had a similar problem while in school at […]

Bears Hire Former Nemesis Tice

The Chicago Bears hired former Minnesota Viking Head Coach Mike Tice to be their offensive line coach on Friday. Far be it from me to judge the strangeness of the things the Bears do, as the Jerry Angelo/Lovie Smith Bears seem to abound in doing things the strange way.  How, you ask?  Not retaining the […]

Coordinator Search Continues to Spin Wheels

So not only is the Bears’ offensive coordinator search seemingly a catastrophe, now so is the process to hire a defensive leader.  Today the New York Giants announced the hiring of Chicago’s top choice Perry Fewell. And I repeat, Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith announced that candidates would covet the opportunity to work for the […]