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Chicago Bears Shirts

I’ll be heading out of state for a rare vacation this spring.  When I travel afar, I enjoy wearing my Bears gear.  I usually hear things like “when the Bears are good, football is fun,” even from non-Bears fans. A couple of t-shirts I will be wearing are the new designs I just picked up […]

Lovie: Bears “Not That Far Away”

Lovie Smith thinks that the Bears are a good team, and there’s “no reason to think they won’t make the playoffs in 2010.” “This is a good core we have in place right now,” he said. Readers, please take it from there. Share

Bears Swept by Packers in 2009

It’s officially over, not that it hasn’t been unofficially over for a month.  But when the Green Bay Packers won yesterday 21-14, the second time in 2009, they officially eliminated the 2009 Bears from playoff contention. What a year….one that began with such high hopes, only to see it crushed into the ground like a […]

Chicago Bears Problems: Personnel

I was thinking about a potential off-the-wall suggestion for a great Chicago Bears coach in the next few years, and potentially I’ll write about that next week. But before I do that, I just want to make sure we all realize that in my opinion, the Bears’ problems are about 90% personnel and 10% coaching.  […]

Bears Offense: Take it From Scouts

This is definitely taken from the “tell us something we don’t know file,” but regardless I still found my mouth agape when I read this information from the Green Bay Press Gazette through Steve Rosenbloom’s blog. Before anyone says I shouldn’t be trusting a Green Bay paper or paying attention to anything they say, I […]

Brad Biggs Moves to Tribune

Little off the beaten path today.  It gets very old having nothing more to talk about than how bad the Chicago Bears are, how they’ve dug themselves a hole from which they won’t recover until the GM’s contract runs out four years ago, and how their rivals miraculously bounce back from adversity to stay strong […]

Jeremy Bates to Chicago Bears?

Last night on the Monday Night football pregame, ESPN reporter Adam Schefter reported that USC offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates will be a candidate to replace Ron Turner in 2010, IF Turner is released.  I don’t count on it.  As I don’t count on the Bears doing a thing to turn their shipwreck around until Jerry […]

NFC North Rivals Keep Winning

It was good to see the Arizona Cardinals take the wind out of the Minnesota’s sails by beating the Vikings soundly last weekend.  Kudos to the Cardinals for finally having an organization that assembled the talent, and a coaching staff able to put a gameplan together to handle one of the hottest teams in football.  […]

Bears Defeat Rams 17-9

Can’t take it away from them, the Bears did beat the Rams today 17-9.  They won, I’m a fan, I’m happy, etc. I know what the answer would be if I said “is there anyone out there that thinks the Bears would have beaten the Packers, Ravens or Vikings with that performance today”? So happens […]

No Quick Fixes for Bears

Today in the Sun Times, Mike Mulligan writes that there are no players on the Bears’ roster that could be traded to bring in picks to start rebuilding the team. I don’t think this is anything new; it’s pretty obvious.  Trades like this that happen in baseball just don’t happen in football, anyway.  Except for […]