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Things to Build On

I didn’t think we’d be able to take any things to build on away from the 2009 season, but perhaps we have two today. Jay Cutler was named NFC Offensive Player of the Week for his four-touchdown performance against the vaunted Vikings defense. And Lance Briggs will start at linebacker in his fifth consecutive Pro […]

Oh Me of Little Faith

Just got back from the game, and I have to take a “my bad” on this one.  I didn’t see in a heartbeat the Bears mustering the energy to play hard for this one, and they did.  So good for them. I agree that this game probably saved Lovie Smith’s job.  Hard to believe the […]

Vikings at Bears 2009

Heard yesterday that Bill Cowher is making it known that he wants back in the NFL in 2010, and has started making phone calls to piece together his coaching staff.  And of course I’m salivating at the thought.  A real head coach with actual head coaching experience!  And a Super Bowl ring!  And the reputation […]

Careful What We Wish For

First, let me mention that I lived through and witnessed the Neill Armstrong era, the end of Mike Ditka, the Wannstedt and Jauron fiascos, the “mutual parting of the ways” of Mark Hatley and the Bears, and the bungled search that resulted in the hiring of Lovie Smith.  Saying that, I can almost say that […]

An Interesting Chicago Bears Scenario

On WSCR yesterday, during one of the rare times I actually was able to listen, Hub Arkush outlined most of an interesting scenario for Bears fans.  Unlike many of the members of the professional media in this city, I cite where I hear things. Granted, the potential for this scenario coming true is about as […]

Angelo: Everyone Will be Evaluated

Just prior to the Chicago Bears’ most recent embarrassing loss, during which their offense couldn’t score a point and their defense looked like it wasn’t covering a single receiver, Jerry Angelo told them media that everyone will be evaluated at season’s end.  Implying that there is still a chance that he could decide to release […]

Bears Destroyed at Baltimore

Is it possible that a professional football team can continue to play worse and worse and worse in infinity?  Can the Chicago Bears continue to get worse every week?  Will the opening day score in 2010 be opponent 41, Bears 0, and at the finale next year will we see the opponent break the Bears’ […]

“Lie Down, Chicago Bears”

I toyed with the idea of skipping attendance at the Vikings game.  I figured I would get more satisfaction out of getting counted in the no-show tally than seeing the Bears get embarrassed for the 10th time this season.  But my paying $136 to the McCaskey family and not getting a penny’s worth of entertainment […]

Bears at Ravens 2009

Earlier in the season, this is where on Fridays I would ask for everyone’s opinion on whether the Bears would win the upcoming game.  Now I’d be better off asking for predictions like: How many penalties will the Bears commit?  11? How many of those penalties will be stupid offensive line mistakes?  7? How many […]

Chicago Bears Doomed to Repeat Failure

I guess it was 19th century Spanish philosopher George Santayana that said “Those who can not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  Which turned into “Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to fail.” Anyway, in my opinion, this fits with what is going to happen with the 2010 Bears.  (The epitaph […]