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Bears Home Stretch, or Home Limp

Today in the Chicago Tribune, Vaughn McClure dissects, but does not predict, the Bears’ final seven games.  To me there isn’t much dissection needed.  From what we’ve seen in the first nine games, no way do the Bears win more than two (Rams and Lions).  And at this point, it’s not a slam dunk that […]

Chicago Bears: Free Fallin’

“The Chicago Bears tonight…they’re just horrible.”  That’s not my quote, that’s Matt Millen’s.  When the architect of one of the worst teams of any decade calls you horrible, you’re horrible. So we’re now in free-fall mode as far as I can see.  Dave Wannstedt’s death spiral began in 1997 with an 0-7 start and culminated […]

Bears at 49ers 2009

I’m biting my tongue bigtime.  There is so much I could say about what’s wrong with the 2009 Bears.  And unfortunately I’m afraid I will have to say it all when the time is right. But for today I have decided that this is a 4-4 team and as disgusted as I am about 2 […]

Davis: We’ll Destroy the Bears

Not sure Mike Singletary likes his players mouthing off.  But they are.  Vernon Davis says the 49ers will “destroy their [the Bears] guys up front.”  Can you blame him?  I really can’t.  What opponent wouldn’t think this? Share

Is This a 6-10 Season?

As I was waking up this morning, figuring out what to write about when everything I can think to write about disgusts me, I thought I would predict the rest of the season.  Then I saw the Tribune writers doing the same thing.  I’m writing this before I look at the article. But really, what […]

Cardinals 41, Bears 21

Pains me to write that.  Not just another loss, but another lopsided loss to an average team.  Two in three weeks.  Over 40 points allowed twice in three weeks.  31 points allowed in a half for the second time this season. Don’t know what else to say, other than we know if the Bears can’t […]

Cardinals at Bears 2009

Is it me, or does it seem that Tribune writer Dan Pompei works for the Bears’ PR staff?  Recently Pompei wrote an article defending Ron Turner.  And today he writes that cornerback Nathan Vasher is “born again at safety”, even though the player has been at the new position for a grand total of nine […]

Thursday Bears Potpourri

Wow.  I miss a morning posting due to leaving for work at 4 a.m. or whatever, and the great comments keep coming.  Thanks everyone. Tuesday night I heard a couple of things on the Score I felt like commenting on but didn’t have the chance until now.  First, it seems to be Terry Boers’ opinion […]

Turner: Simplification the Answer?

I realize NFL expert Dan Pompei wrote a couple weeks back that it’s unfair to criticize Ron Turner, that he’s not the problem when the Bears can’t protect, run the ball or score inside the red zone.  And when a real media expert talks, we listen, right? After Sunday’s game, when the Bears offense could […]

Bears 30, Browns 6

I guess this one’s going to be short.  I was hoping the Bears would beat the Browns in dominating fashion, being that the Browns are among the dumpster of the NFL.  And the Bears did wallop Cleveland.  But as I said to a few today, I’ve never been less impressed by a 24 point victory. […]