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Yes, the Bears ARE This Bad

I wrote yesterday’s post not even halfway through the third quarter of their abysmal loss to the Vikings in Minnesota.  What I didn’t know then that we all know now is that the Bears gave up the most yardage they have given up since the 1982 Chicago Bears did at the Los Angeles Rams.  They […]

Chicago Em-Bear-assed Again

The 2009 Chicago Bears season began with excitement.  Games were celebrations meant to be enjoyed.  Now they’re simply to be endured.  I’ve been a Chicago Bears fan for 31 seasons.  Unfortunately, have watched more than one season that made me embarassed to be a fan of this team.  Thankfully it’s been five years or so […]

Chicago Bears Rumor Mill Churning

Well I have to say I like the rumors, but unfortunately I still think it’s fantasyland.  No way does the Chicago Bears organization that we all know and love (eye roll) pay Lovie Smith over $10 million to not coach in 2010 and 2011.  And if they were to do so, which they won’t, and […]

Bears at Vikings 2009

I’ve been chided in the past for talking about the opposition here in the past, especially about hated rivals.  But I have to do this, it’s a part of the healing process I desperately need after realizing my football team again finds itself in the depths of a Wanny/Jauron-esque level of suckitude. Anyone here brave […]

The Jay Cutler Era: 10 Games In

It’s a short week-I’ll be unable to post on Thursday and Friday with the holiday.  But I have some deep thoughts for once on a couple of issues in the limited time we have this week. I’m beginning to develop some complex thoughts on Jay Cutler.  They’re not necessarily negative, but I am questioning the […]

Bears Clearly Regressing

I don’t know what to say anymore.  Really, is there a point to writing about another disappointing Bears loss under Lovie Smith, Ron Turner and Jerry Angelo? I actually thought the Bears had a good chance of beating the Eagles prior to the 24-20 loss Sunday night.  Philadelphia had never won an NBC Sunday night […]

NFL Tailgating Crackdown

For me, this decade has been the decade of tailgating before Bears games.  And as we all know, this decade is quickly coming to a close.  I’ll never figure out how fast the last 10 years have gone by. The older I get, honestly the less tailgating I can handle.  It was a ghastly thought […]

Bears Silent?

Brad Biggs writes today that in a rare move for NFL teams, the Bears have blocked NBC from conducting interviews with players and staff to use in Sunday Night’s telecast?  The article states such a move has also been pulled by Bill Belichick and the Patriots in the past, but is not usual. The article […]

Bills Fire Jauron

There are actually a few organizations across the NFL that are worse off now than our Bears, and it’s nice to shift focus every now and then away from our problems.  Yesterday the Bills fired “Uncle” Dick Jauron after not quite four lackluster years.  Jauron will be replaced by Perry Fewell, who incidentally coached the […]

Grossman’s Dad: Bears not Rex

Fred Mitchell of the Tribune talked to Dan Grossman, Rex’s father, who basically states the Bears are “where quarterbacks go to die” if we can borrow a phrase from Muhsin Muhammad.  Grossman says that his son was “tainted” coming out of Chicago as a free agent.  All because of what the Bears organization did to […]