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Browns at Bears 2009

I’m not one to wish time away-but have to say I’m glad it’s Friday and we can finally look forward to Sunday’s home game against the putrid Browns. The Bears need to win this game handily.  If they beat Cleveland by two touchdowns, the defense returns to form and Cutler & Forte have strong games, […]

Changes Afoot-But DON’T Ask Lovie

Thanks to everyone for the great comments, proving that win or lose we’re the best fans in the business. I have a lot of thoughts right now about the future, particularly about the defensive backfield (which poster Rob just mentioned) and the offensive line.  How Jerry Angelo has decided to build those units and how […]

Lovie Not Going Anywhere

I know most everyone understands this, but let’s remember that Lovie Smith isn’t going anywhere this year or next year.  Like him, love him or starting to despise him, he’s the Bears coach most likely through the final year of his contract in 2011.  Maybe-just maybe-if the Bears finish with a losing record in 2009 […]

Bears Hopes Tied to Lovie 2

Simple as this.  We can talk about those that want Kyle Orton back instead of Jay Cutler.  We can talk about the poor play of the offensive line and the bad personnel decisions made there.  Matt Forte’s demise, talentless wide receivers.  But simple as this-as long as Lovie Smith is the head coach of the […]

Chicago Bears Loss: Dios Mio, Man

Thanks to my friend Febster for inspiring that headline.  The headline could have read a lot worse than saying MY GOD MAN!  As I told him, I think the Bears played like a bunch of pendejos today.  What more can I say. Mild-mannered coach whose team has regressed exponentially the more his signature defense gets […]

Bears at Bengals 2009

It’s so easy to get tickets in Cincinnati it’s ludicrous.  So a local friend of mine-a Bengals fan no less-almost bought a pair and made an 18-hour road trip for the game.  But we decided not to, and now that it seems the flu is spreading rapidly around families it’s probably a good thing we […]

Buddy Benson Continues to Jaw

Of course now that Cedric Benson is the league’s third-leading rusher, he finds the time appropriate to continue to spout off on his unfair treatment, how his problems in Chicago weren’t his fault, and that he blythely has “no idea” what went wrong. Indeed the title of this article is that Benson believes the Bears […]

Jay Cutler Gets an Extension

According to Profootballtalk, the Bears have extended quarterback Jay Cutler’s contract through 2013, giving their first franchise quarterback in oh, 60 years $30 million in new money with $20 million guaranteed. Kind of interesting in that they only extended the deal rather than signing him to a blockbuster new deal.  For quarterbacks those contracts are […]

Falcon Frustration

The Bears needed to score 30 points.  That’s what I thought going into this game.  Now that the defense bends a hell of a lot more than they used to, and now that we have the quarterback that can direct long scoring drives, this offense has to put points on the board. And they drove […]

DE Gaines Adams is a Bear

See what happens when you become an adult with a career, wife and family?  You get off work on a Friday and start attending to family business and miss any news that comes in during the day/evening. It was Saturday morning before I learned that the Bears traded their second-round pick in 2010 to Tampa […]