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Chicago Bears: Plenty of Positives

The fact that the Bears are 2-1 mainly due to normally reliable kickers for the offseason missing field goals they should have made is troubling. But there are positives starting with the fact that they are 2-1, plain and simple. Nice to see Jay Cutler stepping up and being the quarterback most of us here […]

Seahawk Win Harder than Should Have Been

But a win is a win.  Yesterday is what happens when you let the opposition score early and don’t take advantage of your own plentiful opportunities.  But in the end, the Bears pulled out a 25-19 victory at Seattle. How much can be said for the fact that for the second week, the opponent’s kicker […]

TJ’s Shades of 1990

In the early 1990′s, the Atlanta Falcon wide receivers (Andre Rison in particular) learned how to talk a good game of smack, spurned on by their coach Jerry Glanville.  While the particular case I’ll be alluding to involves Rison, it had to have helped to have the ever-quiet Deion Sanders on the same team. In […]

Bears at Seahawks 2009

Your thoughts? My thought on the Seahawks even before the season began was that I didn’t understand the preseason hype being bestowed upon Seattle.  Many publications had them easily winning the NFC West and possibly advancing far into the playoffs. I just didn’t see how they improved so much from a really bad 2008.  Sure, […]

Worst Free Agent Signings?

Earlier this week the Chicago Tribune named their worst Chicago sports free agent signings in history in response to the Cubs’ suspension of Milton Bradley.  For the Bears, one of their reporters named the 2005 signing of Muhsin Muhammad as the Bears’ worst. I didn’t agree with that, and Mike Mulligan of the Sun-Times confirms […]

Johnny Knox-Toast of the Town

Open any Chicago paper today and you’ll be inundated by stories about rookie receiver Johnny Knox.  Who he is, where he’s from, all the vitals. Great to see this, and I hope he can continue to be a threat.  My small thought for today-it’s amazing he’s actually in there and being allowed to do this.  […]

Cutler Bounces Back

…as all of us here thought he would.  Didn’t we?  Yes! My thoughts in the second half of the game were that Lovie and Ron were going to be forced to take the training wheels off this offense for the Bears to have any chance.  The defense is playing fairly well, but gone are the […]

The Love Affair is Over Already?

Just more Cutler craziness. Shannon Ryan of the Chicago Tribune writes a weekend menu every Friday.  Today she writes “Chicago’s love affair with Jay Cutler ended faster than one of Paris Hilton’s relationships.” OK, she recovers at the end to say “give him another chance,” but this is turning into a feeding frenzy.  The only […]

Cutler Hate? What is Going On?

I had a very busy day yesterday, so I didn’t catch what happened with Mike Martz and Jim Mora on NFL Network until late in the day on the radio.  Apparently Martz and Mora entertained their viewers by spewing about what an arrogant, immature bad quarterback Jay Cutler came off as in his postgame press […]

Chicago Bears History Presentation

I’ll be giving a presentation on Chicago Bears History and will have Chicago Bears History books available for purchase and signing tonight at 7 p.m. at the Oak Lawn Public Library. Funny, as I was setting up the date for this with the library, I figured the first week of the season would be best “so […]