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What’s the Problem with Bears Receivers Again?

The headline is partially facetious.  The media at the same time has been stressing the fact that the Bears will fail in 2009 because they have no proven receivers, while at the same time jumping on daily strong performances from….Bears receivers. First it was Earl Bennett.  Then Brandon Rideau came out of nowhere to shock […]

Turner Excited About Offense

While we may still have to hear Lovie Smith use the tired old cliche 20 times this season that the Bears get off the bus running, offensive coordinator Ron Turner is indeed planning on putting all the pieces of his offense together in 2009, and using them. We’ve been hearing how key the Tommie Harris […]

Secondary Play “Troubling”

Mike Mulligan of the Sun-Times writes about the “troubling” play of the secondary in camp, and how this portends trouble for a defense facing some of the league’s top quarterbacks in 2009.  That’ll knock a little shine of this season filled with so much hope, huh? At the same time, Vaughn McClure of the Tribune […]

“Orton Hears a Boo”

I was going to give profootballtalk credit for a funny headline, but I see it’s the exact same headline in the Tribune this morning, so who knows who came up with it. Apparently Orton got his first taste of the Denver boo-birds when he threw 2 terrible interceptions in camp yesterday.  He should be used […]

Bears Hating on WGN

Oddly I happened to catch a conversation between host David Kaplan, an unabashed Chicago sports fan, and Yahoo Sports writer Charles Robinson on WGN last night.  Kaplan says he’s a huge fan of Robinson and has him on the show every chance he gets. Kaplan opened up by asking Robinson what he thought the Vegas […]

Sure-Handed Waddle Likes Rashied Davis?

Bob LeGere writes in his blog for the Daily Herald that legendary sure-handed receiver Tom Waddle is “impressed” by current Bears receiver Rashied Davis.   “Technically, he’s the best receiver on the roster,” Waddle said.  He then went on to praise Davis’ route-running, speed and body control. Thankfully, LeGere did get Waddle to say “but none […]

Kevin Jones “Should” get More Work in 2009

Brad Biggs writes today about running back Kevin Jones, who is now fully recovered from his knee injury and ready to share more of the load that he did in 2008. In Tuesday’s camp notes, among other things, defensive tackle Marcus Harrison has been removed from the physically unable to perform list. Share

Chiefs Interested in David Terrell?

Perhaps the headline should be “thanks for making me laugh today, Brad” as Biggs reports that new Chiefs coach Todd Haley may be interested in checking out former bustout Bears receiver David Terrell.  The Michigan product was drafted by the Bears with the eighth overall pick in the 2001 draft.  His tenure in Chicago is […]

Chicago Bears Ring of Honor: Honorable Mention

Today we wrap up the Chicago Bears Ring of Honor with some Honorable Mentions.  Then we get back to real football!  Thanks for following us. It was, of course, difficult to parse through 89 seasons of Chicago Bears History to come up with a narrow list of players not recognized by the Bears or […]