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Bears at Broncos 2009

Forget my throwing a bunch of links up this morning-straight to it.  What did you all think of the game?  Yes, we have to realize that the Bears aren’t putting up 40 points a game or whatever that the media won’t let us forget the Packers are doing, but a coupld of 85+ yard drives […]

Harder Offense, Better Orton?

Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune writes today that Kyle Orton has a better chance of success in Denver, because the Broncos’ offense is more difficult than the Bears. Really?  I’ve been reading football stories for 30 years (hate to say that but it’s true) and this is the first time I’ve ever read that […]

Poor Kyle

At this point, just how many mainstream media stories have there been about Jay Cutler’s return to Denver, and the first meeting of the two quarterbacks that were traded for each other?  Are we done yet? But in reading this article, I have just one thought.  Poor Kyle.  Poor Kyle.  (Is that 2?)  Seriously, I […]

Will Rashied Davis Make the Cut?

Mike Mulligan of the Sun Times thinks he should.  As I’ve said before, Davis dropped way to many critical, catchable passes in 2007 and 2008.  What do you think? I say with so much potential in the other young guys, give one of them a shot.  We’ve seen some good play from Davis, and plenty […]

Bowman, Manning Back

Danieal Manning and perhaps more importantly Zack Bowman returned to Bears practice Monday.  Question with Bowman is for how long?  The second-year corner has excited coaches with his play in his one game appearance in 2008 as well as his performance in OTA’s and early in camp.  Problem is it seems his next injury is […]

Goodbye Dusty

Wow, what a preseason game to watch last Saturday against the Giants.  Yes, again just a preseason game, but as I’ve told others I had to continually rub my eyes and make sure it was indeed the Bears offense I was watching.  As Mike Mulligan writes, it was hard to not get excited. One potentially […]

Final Favre Word

Had to make one more post before I have to sign off for the next few days. I knew it.  I knew it. Of course, so did a lot of other people.  And what had I thought a month ago?  That Favre was pulling this to miss roughly two weeks of camp?  Seems about right. […]

Bowman: Cut to Starter, Let’s Hope

According to Brad Biggs in his blog, the Bears are eagerly awaiting cornerback Zackary Bowman to return to health so he can be in the starting lineup on September 13th in Green Bay.  Let’s hope he can finally stay healthy, as a knee injury in college dropped him in the draft, then another injury in […]

It’s ONE Preseason Game

You’d think the Bears had just finished a 4-12 2009 season reading today’s headlines: Rick Morrissey says “the glass is half empty on Cutler.” Mike Mulligan’s headline reads “Unfulfilled Expectations”. I know the writers don’t write the headlines, but still. It was one preseason game.  Yes, the offense looked rusty and particularly Nathan Vasher on […]

Just Say No to Ron Mexico

In this morning’s Tribune, Fred Mitchell states that some fans may have been “anxious” when it was reported that Michael Vick, a.k.a. Ron Mexico, was spotted in O’Hare airport.  I hope Mitchell means that only the fans that own and love dogs were anxious, because I can’t see of any fan actually wanting Vick as […]