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Chicago Bears Ring of Honor: Mike Brown

Yes, he’s only 31 years old.  Yes, he’s still playing in the NFL, for the Kansas City Chiefs.  But Mike Brown  scored more defensive touchdowns than any other Bear in history, led to arguably more excitement than any other player this decade, and is the last member of the Chicago Bears Ring of Honor. […]

Diva Done. Really? REALLY?

So we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief that Brett Favre will not be joining the Minnesota Vikings.  Right?  Or was there potential hilarity in the wind at the prospect of watching Favre toss 10 picks in his first 2 games?  Possibly. As we all know, on Tuesday Favre informed the Vikings and […]

Urlacher vs. Cutler: Meow?

Don’t know why we’re even posting this, since we have real jobs and don’t twitter or tweet or twit or whatever and can’t break news.  But for the record, today ex-Bears and current mediocre Vikings receiver Bobby Wade has told the Minnesota media that Brian Urlacher thinks Jay Cutler is a….read the Sun-Times article for […]

Tillman out 4 Weeks to “Indefinitely”

When asked by friends and acquaintances my take on the 2009 Chicago Bears since the Cutler trade, I’ve consistently said they’re a lot like the 2009 Chicago Cubs looked before their season.  Great on paper, but guys will have to stay healthy and perform for anything to matter during the season.  Outside of their recent […]

Chicago Bears Ring of Honor: Jim Covert

Today’s inductee to the Chicago Bears Ring of Honor is a little out of chronological order; I almost forgot to add him.  But here he is: offensive tackle Jim Covert. How much specifically can be written about an offensive lineman’s play?  Not much I’m afraid, but Covert’s play still has him mentioned as a […]

Chicago Bears Ring of Honor: Kevin Butler

Sorry for the absence this week, all.  We’re winding down the 2009 entrants to the Chicago Bears Ring of Honor.  We have two more announcements, including today’s new member, kicker Kevin Butler.  Then next week the season begins in earnest! Nothing about Kevin Butler’s arrival to or departure from the Chicago Bears was quiet.  […]

Packer: Bears Wideouts Stink

Today, ProfootballTalk has referenced Donald Driver’s interview with the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, in which Driver says the Bears “don’t have receivers.” PFT mentions that this should become bulletin board material for the Bears, but frankly I thought Driver simply stated the obvious and did so in a professional manner.  No problems here with what he said. […]

Chicago Bears Ring of Honor: Richard Dent

Only three more inductees into the Chicago Bears Ring of Honor, then it’s training camp time! Today’s inductee is Richard Dent. In any draft past 1992, Richard Dent would have been an undrafted free agent in the NFL. He was selected as a skinny defensive end from Tennessee State in the eighth round in […]

Chicago Bears Ring of Honor: Jim McMahon

We’re in the home stretch announcing the original members of the Chicago Bears Ring of Honor. Today’s inductee is my favorite Bear from the mid-1980′s, although I still have to say it wasn’t a slam dunk.  I’m the first to admit that the Bears haven’t had a legitimate, long-term quarterback since Sid Luckman (1939-1950).  […]

Football Outsiders: Bears NFC Champs

Via Brad Biggs’ blog, Football Outsiders are predicting that the Bears will win the NFC in 2009.  How’s that for a good feeling heading into the season? Share