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Chicago Bears Ring of Honor: Coming Up

We’re done.  I’ve always wished the Bears would create a true Ring of Honor.  Teams like the Kansas City Chiefs and (God forbid) the Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys have inducted players into a Ring of Honor, and they actually ring the inside of the stadium with said player’s names.  I think that’s cool.  […]

Da Coach Weighs in on Cutler

Since everyone else in the world has recently chosen to share their opinions on the Bears’ acquisition of Jay Cutler recently, former Bears coach and legend Mike Ditka weighs in on him in the Chicago Tribune today. “If he they win with Cutler, he will own this city,” Ditka said.  “He can have my key.”  […]

To Plax, or not to Plax

I never would have believed it, given the Bears’ propensity to not associate with players that have checkered pasts, but the Plaxico Burress to the Bears talk is heating up. Through Brad Biggs’ blog, several national analysts state that the Bears are one of three teams with serious interest in Burress. I’ve made it clear […]

More Question Cutler

The Bears are on the front page of sports sections in June?  I love that.  Some of today’s stories: Tony Dungy is joining the list of analysts that say the Bears took a huge gamble by acquiring Jay Cutler.  I say hooey.  And it wasn’t a huge gamble to NOT have a franchise quarterback for […]