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Friday Chicago Bears News

I’ve said it before; in my opinion Brad Biggs of the Chicago Sun-Times maintains the best Chicago Bears Blog there is.  Even in these slow times (May and June), Biggs has something new to write almost every day.  I’d like to think that I could come up with coherent Bears thoughts more frequently than I […]

Jay IS Our Quarterback

Wow.  The Bears have released an official product that basically makes fun of their head coach.  Anything to make some cash, I guess. Today I just stumbled upon this shirt sold at the official propaganda store that boldly states “Jay is our quarterback!” I love it, and I’m as glad as anyone else that JAY […]

Cutler Will Make Receivers Better

I agree with Jerry Angelo when he recently said Jay Cutler will make the Bears’ raw receiving corps better.  That’s the subject of an article by the Sun-Times’ Brad Biggs from Sunday.  All I can continue to think of is how Brett Favre made receivers and running backs like Antonio Freeman, Edgar Bennett, Dorsey Levens […]

Jay Cutler Throws the Ball!

Wow, the NFL really is morphing into a 12-month spectacle.  Baseball isn’t even 60 days into its season, and we actually have Chicago Bears working out on the practice field. Just the Bears practicing in May used to get me excited, but damn I love this deal of having an actual NFL quarterback taking snaps […]

The Cutler Plan

Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune today writes about some of the things the Bears will be able to do with Jay Cutler in the offense. In the article, Pompei writes that Cutler has the second-strongest arm in the NFL, according to a source.  The Bears will able to diversify their passing game with Cutler, […]

Ron Santo on Jay Cutler

Yesterday, former Bears cornerback Jerry Azumah sang the seventh-inning stretch at Wrigley Field, and prior to the song Cub radio commentator Ron Santo conducted a very entertaining interview with him. Santo:  So you were a running back in college, why did you play defensive back in the pros?  Did you tell them you liked to […]

Bears Sign TE Michael Gaines

That was quick. Just a few days after it was reported the Bears would have a visit with former Lion tight end Michael Gaines, they signed him to a one-year contract. That’s a little odd.  Yes, I’ve read that Gaines may be the blocker that Desmond Clark and Greg Olsen are not, and Kellen Davis […]

The Last Brett Favre Post

This is the last post about Brett Favre unretiring to join the Vikings, or not unretiring, or unretiring to start a baseball career, or whatever.  I will try very, very hard to ensure that.  Unless the story is that Favre’s arm fell off, or he was bitten by one of his farm animals, whatever, I […]

Bears QB, WR, So Much Hate!

I think that since the Bears finally look to have solved their 59-year quarterback drought (I know, I say this even before Jay Cutler has taken a snap in Chicago), we’ve now become the landing pad for bad receiver jokes. This comes a few weeks after The Onion parodied Chicago Bears Receivers.  Now, ProFootballTalk wonders […]