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Diva Favre Saga Set to Continue

I’m sure everyone is aware of this, but yesterday the New York Jets granted Brett Favre his unconditional release.  This is what Favre sought one year ago, but was not granted, by the Green Bay Packers, forcing the trade of Favre to the Jets. After Favre retired following his 2008 unretirement, Favre stated he was […]

2009 Chicago Bears Draft-Final

Final Chicago Bears 2009 draft class: 3/68 DT Jarron Gilbert, San Jose State 3/99 WR Juaquin Iglesias, Oklahoma 4/105 DE Henry Melton, Texas 4/119 CB D.J. Moore, Vanderbilt 5/140 WR Johnny Knox, WR, Abiline Christian 5/154 LB Marcus Freeman, Ohio State 6/190 S Al Afalava, Oregon State 7/246 TE Lance Lewis, San Diego State 7/251 […]

2009 Chicago Bears Draft to round 4.5

Just heard John Gruden say on NFL Network: “with this Bears draft, and throw in Jay Cutler, and I think the Bears are back.” Of course Gruden is an unemployed coach, but I’ll take what he says. I caught the pick of Jarron Gilbert before I had to leave the house this morning, and as […]

And Denver Has Its Lot

The Denver Broncos’ windfall from the Bears in the trade for quarterback Kyle Orton is complete.  Well not quite, we have to see what they do with the Bears’ original #84 pick in the third round tomorrow. But today, in addition to selecting defensive end Robery Ayers from Tennessee, the Broncos traded the Bears 2010 […]

Chicago Bears Actually Thank the Fans

I’ve been critical of the Bears organization when I think criticism is in order.  I have always thought that any time they praise the fans that it has been condescending.  We know that they know that they have us all by the short hairs and can raise prices on us, and we’ll keep coming back […]

Chicago Bears Draft 2009 Day 1

Or lack thereof, I should say.  Day one of the Bears’ 2009 draft was one good for this Bears fan.  10 years ago, I’d be in the chair watching every pick.  But now with family obligations and back-breaking yard work to do, it was nice to know I wouldn’t miss any Bears picks while I […]

Jim McMahon wants to help you Score

Jimmy Mac.  My favorite Bear from 1982-1988.  As close to a franchise quarterback as the Bears have ever had since Sid Luckman…but as much as I like him I can’t put him there because of the missed playing time.  Offensive Coordinator Ed Hughes (1982-1988) said McMahon was the absolute best quarterback he had ever seen […]

Favorite Chicago Bears Draft Moments

What are your favorite Chicago Bears draft moments over the years?  I should say “most notable”, because there are more than a few that I certainly remember, but they’re not favorites of mine by any stretch. I started watching the Bears all the way back in 1979, but the first time I really took note […]

Your Draft Thoughts

So we’re just four days short of the 2009 NFL Draft, and I will freely admit that I am not the draft analyst this year that I have tried to be in years past.  Prior to the Cutler trade, my feeling was Kyle Orton and any rookie wide receiver was not going to translate to […]

Chicago Bears Draft Preview

The good people over at have pointed us to their 2009 Chicago Bears Draft review.  Check it out and comment on what you think. Share