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Chicago Bears Ring of Honor Progress

The first round of biography pages are up at the Chicago Bears Ring of Honor.  Check them out when you have a chance.  At this time, we’re just creating pages for the 26 Chicago Bears Hall of Famers.  After that is complete, we will be creating our own Chicago Bears Ring of Honor, honoring […]

Good Rex, Bad Rex, Goodbye Rex!

In his Bears blog, Sun-Times writer Brad Biggs recaps a conversation Rex Grossman had with hosts on Sirius Radio today. Read the entire blog post here. Notably, Rex says that he’ll miss his teammates and coaches, but not the fans.  Shocker there.  Hey, I supported Grossman at the end of 2006 when he was taking […]

Angelo and Smith Feeling Heat?

It’s good to see the national media picking up on this (but watch out “real” media elitists, this guy is a member of the “not so brave world of blogging)… Mike Florio of writes both on his site and in a piece he links to on the Sporting News that Jerry Angelo and Lovie […] Chicago Bears Ring of Honor

You may have noticed that some NFL teams have a “Ring of Honor”.  Sometimes they list members’ names around the inside of their stadium, sometimes not.  Either way, it’s a great way to honor the best players that have played for the franchise but haven’t made the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The Bears have […]

Urlacher for Boldin: Not Happening

A writer for the Chicago Tribune penned a column today suggesting that the Bears should contact the Arizona Cardinals and offer Brian Urlacher and two third-round picks for annual All Pro receiver Anquan Boldin. I try not to sound like an elitist when referring to fans that don’t get it, like members of the “real” […]

John Tait, Mike Brown Goners

According to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Sun-Times, Bears right tackle John Tait will retire prior to the 2009 season.  This means the Bears will need more urgently to draft another tackle.  Not that they shouldn’t have anyway, with Tait nearing the end of his career.  Biggs states that it “meshes with Jerry Angelo’s philosophy […]

Is it safe to go outside now?

How many of you believe Brett Favre is really retiring this year?  He even filed his paperwork correctly this time, which he didn’t do last year. I’m actually shocked.  I really thought he’d do what he could to be a pain to the Jets, since he held the cards with their cap situation.  He could […]

Bears won’t raise prices in 2009

Amazing.  Just when I figured the Bears would ignore the economy that is causing jobs, salaries and prices to deflate everywhere and raise ticket prices for the eighth straight year, President Ted Phillips announced yesterday that ticket prices will not increase in 2009. So I do owe the Bears some credit.  Thanks for not raising […]

McCaskeys should learn from Steelers

Good Super Bowl.  The team I was hoping would win didn’t win, but it was a heck of a game.  And because it didn’t involve the Bears, I really don’t care either way. Today Neil Hayes of the Chicago Sun-Times writes that the McCaskey family could take a lesson from the Rooney family of the […]

More on “Go Cardinals”

OK, my support for the Cardinals is solidified, I’m announcing 68 minutes before game time.  You have the whole Cardinals used to be from Chicago angle, and the fact that many celebrities (including our President to whom many people refer as a “Rock Star” forgetting that the President of the United States should be far […]