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Kurt Warner to the Chicago Bears?

Few things to cover in this update. First, I’ve been moving my Chicago Bears video collection from VHS to DVD over the last 3 years, slowly and painfully.  Somehow I have manually converted close to 300 games, and now have only about 23 more to go.  Whew.  Recently, I digitized the Falcons at Bears 2005 […]

Fantasy Football 2008 Results

So I hear there’s a football game this weekend.  I wouldn’t know since the Bears are idle. The Bears should be in hibernation here for a while, and I’m having a hard time manufacturing things to write about.  I’m the last guy to talk about fantasy football to people that don’t care about fantasy football, […]

Ex-Bears in the Coaching Ranks

It’s Friday, and a writer in the “real” media pens something that isn’t incorrect or a half-truth.  Hopefully this will be a good day coming up. In today’s Tribune, Dan Pompei identifies all of the ex-Bears that are assistants on staffs around the league.  And the Bears are not employing a single one of them.  […]

Julius Peppers and the Chicago Bears

One of the writers for a major Chicago newspaper today wrote a piece on Carolina defensive end Julius Peppers.   Peppers, entering free agency, recently declared that he is through with the Panthers and will explore the open market this offseason. The writer declared that the Bears must pounce on Peppers, who racked up a […]

Congrats to the Chicago Cardinals

Oops, what year do I think this is? You have to admit, it is pretty cool, if the Bears can’t be in the Super Bowl, it is nice to see a team like the Cardinals make it.  It’s their first championship game appearance since 1948.  The 61 years of futility for the Cardinals was second […]

Lovie Smith, New Defensive Coordinator?

For those that missed it, as I seemed to, on Tuesday Chicago Bears Head Coach Lovie Smith announced that he would take over the defensive play calling duties in 2009.  Former/current defensive coordinator Bob Babich retains the title and pay of defensive coordinator and resumes coaching linebackers.  Former Texans coach Jon Hoke has been hired […]

Bears vs. the Consistent Teams

I received this rant from an anonymous fan and in the spirit of the guest commentaries I published after the season, figured I’d post it.  Let him know what you think.  Whether you agree or not, I can say it was written with the spirit of a true Grabowski. With the No. 4/6 seeds in […]

Chicago Bears Defensive Coaches

Back to real life these days.  Funny how quickly we do get over the Bears going in the tank, right?  Seriously, I have a lot of work/career/family stuff going on over the next six months, so this will again turn into a weekly blog, or a blog whenever there is Bears news to discuss.  But […]

JDM on the 2008 Chicago Bears

Finally, JDM’s take on the 2008 Chicago Bears: Things did not look high for the Chicago Bears entering the 2008 season.  There was too much uncertainty when preseason ended.  Many questions surfaced the team.  Would the offensive line bounce back from a miserable 2007 season?  The answer appeared to be no after first round pick […]

Brad on the 2008 Chicago Bears

Couple more to go, today here is Brad’s take: The season started out with the usual sense of vigor and enthusiasm. Two years removed from a Super Bowl appearance, changes to the O-line, supposed upgrades at wide receiver, returning members of a re-energized lights out defense. This year had all the makings of what should […]