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Another Useless Muttering

…but the useless mutterings of 2008 are getting closer and closer to being history. The 2008 Bears are on the ropes.  They can take care of their own business, but can’t get into the playoffs without help. If the Minnesota Vikings defeat the Atlanta Falcons Sunday, champagne will be popping in Minneapolis and the Bears […]

Brian Urlacher will be Better in 2009?

Today in the Chicago Sun-Times, Mike Mulligan has penned an article listing what he believes are misconceptions about the 2008 Bears.  I do give him credit for at least not saying it as other media “professionals” would, but I think what he really would like to say is “these are misconceptions the stupid fans have.” […]

Shades of the 1979 Chicago Bears

Yesterday I focused on the frustration of the Chicago Bears’ situation-in all likelihood they will not make the playoffs in 2008. However, it’s possible.  Anything’s possible.  If the Vikings lose to the Falcons and Giants at home, if the real Tavaris Jackson returns to the field, it’s a possibility.  Then of course the Bears would […]


SEE WHAT HAPPENS?  (That’s a link to the work-safe version of a clip from my favorite movie.  It’s the sanitized, ridiculous, television version of the scene.) After watching the Minnesota Vikings dismantle the Arizona Cardinals today, I’d like to stand over the 2008 Chicago Bears with a crowbar, yelling repeatedly “SEE WHAT HAPPENS?  SEE WHAT […]

Believe in the 2008 Chicago Bears

I’ve been coiled like a spring for the last two hours.  I could ramble, but I won’t. The Bears won, as ugly as it was.  I could go on and on about the good that happened and the bad.  It was ugly.  But the Chicago Bears won, and there’s no other choice to do anything […]

Cedric Benson, Still Cedric Benson

In case you haven’t received your daily dose of comedy today, read this article that Brett kindly pointed us to today.  Thanks Brett. From Cincinnati, one of the armpits of the NFL, Cedric Benson says he’d have “at least 1,500, probably 1,800 yards by now” if he was still in Chicago. Please stay out of […]

One More Make or Break Shot for 2008 Bears

The Bears faced the Green Bay Packers in the biggest game of the season.  The Bears were pummeled. The Bears faced the Minnesota Vikings in the biggest game of the season.  The Bears were annhilated. Tonight, the Bears host the New Orleans Saints in the biggest game of the season.  Will the Bears prevail or […]

New York Giants: Don’t Make us Hate You

I’ve always been fairly ambivalent about the New York Giants, and leaned toward liking them until last season. What I mean by being ambivalent, of course I highly dislike the Vikings and Packers (with a bit of respect for some of their diehard fans), but really despise the Dallas Cowboys due to their legions of […]

Will the 2008 Chicago Bears Make the Playoffs?

Brief 4 a.m. post.  What do you think-will the Bears win the NFC North?  It’s definitely an intriguing last three weeks of the season.  The Bears need to win out against fairly beatable teams, and the Vikings need to lose two of three, basically, to Arizona, Atlanta and the Giants. Share

Notes & Articles: Bears 23, Jaguars 10

Matt Forte surpassed Gale Sayers’ 1965 record for total yards by a rookie on a Bears team.  Congratulations, Matt, for helping erase the sick taste that is Cedric Benson still lingering in our mouths. Brad Biggs’ game recap is here. Rick Telander writes that these Bears are going to keep us guessing until the final […]