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The Fog Bowl: 20 Years Ago Today

Couldn’t resist mentioning this morning that The Fog Bowl took place 20 years ago today.  Hard to believe it’s been that long.  I think of everything that has changed in my life since then, I was in high school, and it has been a long time.  But I can remember it like it was yesterday. […]

Jeff on the 2008 Chicago Bears

Another in the series….thanks for all the contributions! A few notes of optimism. I’ve been listening to the Bears 2008 “postmortem” on the Score all day, reading similar comments here at CBH, and it’d be redundant to add to the chorus of problems this team faces heading into 2009. So here’s a few things I […]

Higgins on the 2008 Chicago Bears

Keep sending in your 2008 postmortems, and I’ll post them over the next week.  Here is today’s postmortem from Higgins, one of our loyal readers: It could have been worse. We could have gone 7-9 instead of 9-7. I wish I could stop the “fire Lovie, fire Angelo” chants that will assuredly arrise shortly after […]

They Did it to Themselves…

So as of this writing, the Philadelphia Eagles are pounding the Dallas Cowboys 41-3 in the fourth quarter.  Thanks to a very improbable win by the Oakland Raiders at Tampa, if the Bears would have won, they would be in the playoffs in just a bit as a wildcard team. But they did it to […]

Soliciting YOUR 2008 Chicago Bears Epilogue

As a THANK YOU to all of the loyal readers of this blog, I’d like to ask anyone (especially Higgins, Perno, JDM, Jeff R, Jesse Lopez, Febster, sorry if I’ve missed anyone) to write me up a couple of paragraphs on what you think about the season, and I’d be glad to create a post […]

End of 2008 Chicago Bears

It’s probably a good thing that the Chicago Bears eliminated themselves from playoff contention in 2008, rather than them winning and having someone else eliminate them.  And actually, it’s probably good that they didn’t undeservedly sneak in, because that would probably mask the many holes the Bears need to fill. As much as some members […]

Chicago Bears Safeties 2001

I don’t get paid to write about the Chicago Bears, but I do think it’s critical to get the facts straight.  If I did get paid to write, I’d think it would be even more critical to make sure there weren’t any factual errors in my writing. Yes, I’ve made mistakes, and they do happen. […]

It All Comes Down to This

Here we are, fellow Bears fans.  On December 28, the Chicago Bears need to beat a tough Houston Texans team at Houston, and the Minnesota Vikings must lose to the visiting New York Giants who undoubtedly will be resting stars in order to win the NFC North division title for 2008. Should the Bears and […]

Packers at Bears 2008: Epilogue

Wow, I don’t quite know how to sum that one up.  Forgive me for taking a recovery day before I posted on that one. Certainly one of the most frustrating turned fantastic games I’ve ever seen.  I and those around me were impressed with how packed the stadium stayed up to the exhilarating finish, given […]

Packers at Bears 2008

I don’t have to say this but I will.  HUGE GAME TONIGHT.  I have pictures of the 30 pounds of clothes I will be wearing to the game tonight, clothes that will make me look like I weigh 360 pounds.  I believe it’s 4 pairs of socks, long underwear, 4 shirts, coat, snowpants, jersey over […]