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Bears Fail to get 700th Win

If the Chicago Bears would have beaten the Minnesota Vikings tonight, not only would they have won their 700th game as a franchise, they would have secured sole possession of first place in the weak NFC North with just 4 games to play. Of course they didn’t, and they didn’t. I threw several items at […]

Nathan Vasher: Done with Bears?

On Thanksgiving Day it was announced that cornerback Nathan Vasher has re-injured the thumb that had previously been repaired, putting him out “indefinitely” according to Chicago Bears Head Coach Lovie Smith.  The media is speculating that Vasher is done for the season, although Smith won’t admit it. The real question should be, is Vasher done […]

Two Sides to Every Jerky Story

Believe it or not, I do try to look at every situation in my life from every angle (and interestingly, this is the first time I Googled Devil’s Advocate, which is the position I seem to always take.) I figured I should point out that I do agree with JDM’s comment yesterday to that post.  […]

Jerky Bears, but a Bears Win

Today on The Score, Laurence Holmes and Dan Hampton got Tommie Harris on the phone for an interview while he was participating in the Bears’ coat drive, and Holmes ended up dropping Tommie and going on a rant because Harris was being a jerk, giving one-word Urlacher type responses to the interviewers.  Then a caller […]

Gooey Butter Cake and a Nice A** Kicking

Anybody ever hear of gooey butter cake? I certainly did not until this last weekend, when in St. Louis I found out all about it. Three times. And I’m glad I did. Had the luxury of attending the Bears-Rams game in a skybox of all places. Worth every penny of the money I didn’t have […]

Bears History: “We’re Still in First Place”

Earlier in the week it was Lovie Smith that tried to temper frustrations about the Bears’ blowout loss to arch rival Green Bay.  And after sounding all season like I’m PO’ed about everything Bears, now it’s my turn to take Smith’s stance. The Bears are still in first place, he’s right.  A very tenuous first […]

Chicago Bears in the PLAYOFFS?

Talking about PLAYOFFS? Thanks, readers, for approaching this topic for me yesterday.  Prior to the season opener, I looked at each game and made predictions based on what I had seen from the Bears, and came up with a 7-9 record for the Bears in 2008.  When the team started 5-3, I was ripped a […]

Chicago Bears Headlines 11-19-08

Some 4 a.m. Bears headlines… Rick Morrissey says the blame lies with Lovie.  Um, yeah. But in another Chicago Tribune article, they point out that the schedule is on the Bears’ side through the rest of the season.  But my observation is, schedule doesn’t matter.  If they play like they did Sunday and how the […]

Bears: is it the Money or the Coaching?

Got a ton of great comments on the post about Sunday’s miserable game.  The last one was from “GWNIU” and it kind of steals away the second part of today’s post…but thanks none the less for all the great comments and opinions. What the hell is the problem on defense?  We will probably never know, […]

Packers 37, Bears 3: Embarassment

If you listen to Lovie Smith speak, you’ll notice he says “and we’ll go from there” a lot.  Like every day, every time he is asked to speak, he ends his comments by saying “we’ll go from there.” After the 37-3 annhilation loss at Green Bay today, Smith said “Sometimes it happens like this, and […]