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Bears and Cubs

I’m exhausted today.  Just a quick funny story. My 23-month old daughter has been conditioned to say “Go Cubs” whenever she sees a Cubs or Bears logo by this point, since we’re fresh off cheering for the Cubs for 8 months.  I had been gone over the weekend and when I came home with my […]

Tommie Harris and Mark Bradley

Tommie Harris seems to be having some personal issues, and has been suspended by the organization for this weekend’s game at Detroit.Shocker to me, if course being one of those stupid, non-”real” media types, I wouldn’t be privy to that kind of information, and if I was I guess I’d be too stupid to analyze […]

Chicago Cubs Smoked 10-3

Jeez, it’s tough enough being a Chicago Bears fan…can’t imagine how tough it must be to be a Chicago Cubs fan.  Best record in the National League, dominated opponents for the most part, led many statistical categories.  Now they’re down 0-2 in the NLDS when they were clearly favored over the Dodgers. WAIT.  I am […]

Bears’ Aching Secondary

Would like to mention the aching Chicago Cubs and how disgusting that was to watch last night, but that’s for another blog. Apparently, the Bears could face the Lions and their only threatening position: wide receivers Charles Johnson and Roy Williams, without both starting cornerbacks.  Not a good thing. Anyone happen to see this?  Travis […]

The ’05 Busts Have Homes

I was surprised when I saw yesterday that Cedric Benson was signed by the Cincinnati Bengals.  Believe it or not, I’m even more surprised that Mark Bradley was picked up by the Kansas City Chiefs.  I just didn’t see anyone having interest in Bradley. Benson deserves to be where he’s at, on a 0-4 perpetually […]