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John St. Clair, my favorite Bear

That headline eliminates the possibility of me leading into this story in a clever way.  I heard St. Clair on the radio last night, and I have to say, this guy has earned the right to be called my favorite player right now.  And he sounds like a really great guy. I’ve always rooted for […]

Jim McMahon: BYU Hall of Fame

Thanks to reporter Nate Carlisle of the Salt Lake Tribune for pointing this out to me.  This news hasn’t reached the Chicago media yet, so I was unaware. Apparently, Jim McMahon’s father has written a fairly scathing letter to Brigham Young University Athletic Director Tom Holmoe, arguing that his son should be enshrined in the […]

Vasher in infamous Doghouse?

Just wondering the kind of things I wonder at 4 a.m. when I need to complete the post and get off to work.  What’s up with Nathan Vasher?  The innuendo trickling out of Lake Forest via the (real) media is that the organization is wondering why he hasn’t returned from his wrist injury.  I’m happy […]

Dave Wannstedt Revisited

Teddy Greenstein talks to former Bears coach Dave Wannstedt about the Pittsburgh Panthers today, and also gets in a little discussion about his Bears years.  Of course, they revisit Wannstedt’s 1996 declaration that “all the pieces are in place.” I had just researched and found the article where Wannstedt made this proclamation for my 1996 […]

Kyle Orton better than Aaron Rodgers!

All season, NFL fans have been bombarded by the great story of how great Aaron Rodgers is.  Heir apparent to Brett Favre, destined to be another Hall of Fame Packer quarterback. Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the desk.  Of all places, in the Green Bay Press-Gazette, a reporter has talked football […]

Chicago Bears Bye Week Report

So I thought it would be appropriate to write up some kind of mid-year post at the Bears’ bye week, then to celebrate the event I may take Friday off from the blog.  That will mean I’ll only have 99 things to do tomorrow rather than 100. I’m not going to give out the Bears […]

How Ironic…

I had mentioned yesterday a 2005 article on Kyle Orton in USA Today, not having any idea until now that yesterday, in 2008, USA Today again wrote an article about him.  Love to see the guy get some positive national publicity. This couldn’t happen to a nicer team. Share

Really? 21-0?

I hope there’s a Bears gameday staffer that was called into the boss’ office on Monday morning.  For those of you that attend Bears games, you’ll know this year there are probably 4 or more trivia questions that are put to the fans via the video boards throughout the game. During Sunday’s game, one of […]

Kyle Orton, Samurai, Points

Temper your enthusiasm, Bears fans.  But do be enthusiastic.  I’m still trying to figure out if this is really happening.  The Bears are leading the league, scoring 28 points per game.  Kyle Orton is in the top 10 of the league’s passers, having thrown for 10 touchdowns and a passer rating of 91.  Without having […]

What a Season…

This is turning out to be a wacky Chicago Bears season, is it not? After last week’s lost, I had quite the poste prepared.  Because even though yesterday’s 48-41 victory over the Minnesota Vikings was crazy, and scary, and plenty of criticism can be placed on the defense for giving up that many points, a […]