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I was very interested in the Viking-Packer Monday Night game.  Wanted to see how Aaron Rodgers would really look in full game action.  Needed to see how the Minnesota Vikings, who many “experts” have picked as world-beating NFL champs, would look.  Ended up needing sleep more than either and passed out at halftime. The verdict?  […]

Chicago Bears White Uniforms

Much more information on this on my Chicago Bears uniform page for those interested. I was surprised to see the Bears in their road uniforms with white pants on Sunday night.  I like the white pants.  I like the blue pants on the road.  I kind of like it when they alternate throughout the season.  […]

It’s a Happy Monday

The wings were OK. The Atomic Buffalo Turds turned out fantastic with my leftover smoked pulled pork and cream cheese in jalapeno’s, wrapped in bacon, smoked again.  Wish I had the camera, would have taken pictures. Alton Brown’s crab fritter recipe blew up in the fryer in the garage, now I have to degrease the […]

It’s Opening Day

So I’ve been following the Chicago Cubs closely every day for 5 years now.  Was a big Cubs fan from about 1979-1984, then I completely gave up baseball for close to 20 years.  I didn’t have the time, and I just didn’t like baseball.  And the repeated strikes didn’t help. With the prospects of the […]

Cedric on Benson

Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune spoke to my friend Cedric Benson this week.  Benson, in his own words, summed up why I hated the selection of the Texas back the moment I saw it happen in 2005. Speaking of his desire to be signed by another team for the 2008 season, Benson says: “I […]

Chicago Bears Blog vs. the Experts

I posted my predictions last night, before today’s season previews came out in the Tribune, so I could see how I measured up against the “experts” (because we all know fans aren’t experts, right?). Here’s what the Tribune’s experts say about the season, along with their predicted Super Bowl champ: Terry Bannon: 6-10 Chargers Mike […]

2008 Chicago Bears Predictions

I’ve been fortunate in that I’ve been able to run Chicago Bears websites to express my creativity and opinions since 2000.  Considering that world-dominating Google has only been around since 1998, that’s a long time.  And I’m mentioning this because never in these nine years have I made predictions about the upcoming Bears’ season.  So […]

State in ’08: Chicago Bears Offense

The Chicago Bears offense.  That’s the same kind of phrase as “The French Army,” or “The Devil’s Blessing”.  (Sorry for the offense to the French, but I think everyone pretty much gets it).  And the 2008 offense may well take the cake in this regard. For the record, I hope the 2008 Chicago Bears shock […]

State in ’08: Chicago Bears Defense

We’re counting down opening weekend with a look at the Chicago Bears’ 2008 units, culminating with a complete overview of the season with predictions on Friday.  Today, we look at the 2008 Chicago Bears defense. Hard to believe we’re just two years removed from the dominant defense in the NFL in 2006.  Let’s start by […]

What About Zach Bowman?

Good news, yesterday the Chicago Bears sent an undisclosed 2009 draft pick to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for fourth-year guard Dan Buenning.  The lineman had a stellar rookie season in 2005, blew out his ACL in 2006, and didn’t play in a game last year.  Sounds like he wasn’t yet recovered and mirrors the situation […]