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Friday’s Bears News

Danieal Manning is once again your top nickel back. It’s not looking likely that Devin Hester will play against the Buccaneers. Hold your breath!  Dusty Dvoracek is preparing to actually play in his third game this season without getting injured-that’s his fourth career game in three years, against the Bucs. I have to say he’s […]

Griese and McGowan

Prior to the season, I predicted the Bears would beat the Colts and lose to the Panthers.  So far so good, although I wish I would have been wrong on game 2.  For some reason, I also predicted they’d lose to the Buccaneers. With the Bears at 1-1, their defense playing great, and Tampa now […]

More (Less?) on Bears Offense

Off to work early this morning.  Not much for you today.  I found a pretty good post that discusses in detail my frustration with the Bears’ years, decades long, offensive ineptitude.  The post from Artbest (fifth down from the top) really sums it up. Share

Bears’ Offense Offensive

I’m tired today.  Tired, mainly because I watched 5 minutes of the Cowboys-Eagles game last night and I believe I saw three touchdowns in that time.  Reminds me that no matter how much I love the Bears, I’m getting a little sick of following a team that has basically boycotted fielding an NFL offense for […]


My Sunday peaked when in the third quarter of their game, the underdog Chicago Bears led the Carolina Panthers 17-3.  The Bears had the Panthers on the ropes the entire game, and I was loving it.  With the ball, Chicago had the chance to deliver a knockout blow…..then tight end Greg Olsen fumbled for the […]

Harris, Barton, Panthers

I was waiting all week for the huge Chris Harris article, but haven’t seen it.  Ah-it will probably be the big Sunday pregame feature article in the Chicago papers. What I’m talking about, as many will know, is safety Chris Harris.  Harris was a fifth-round draft pick of the Bears from a small school in […]

A Bears Fan in Need

I’m way behind the times on this one, but late is better than never I suppose. Mike Mette is a Chicago Police officer and Bears fan.  In 2005, Mike was in Iowa, admittedly out late with others.  Early in the morning, Mike was attacked by an Iowa resident.  In self defense, Mike threw one punch […]

Panther One-Liners

Interesting, no juicy stories from the Chicago media yet on how Chris Harris, safety given away to the Panthers by the Bears in 2007, has been a phenomenal addition for Carolina.  Must be waiting for Friday.  Here are today’s stories. Lovie says “hopefully there will be a big improvement [with the Bears] from game one […]

Indeed, Fred Miller Again a Bear

Thanks Higgins for diverting my energy back to the real world.  This morning, the Bears announced that they have re-signed tackle Fred Miller to a one-year contract. The development is sure to make more than a few Bear fans’ skin crawl, based on Miller’s disasterous 2007.  But with the razor-thin depth on the 2008 line, […]

Cowardly Blogger Used Again

David Haugh, a sportswriter from the Chicago Tribune, has referred to what I do here as “the not so brave world of blogging.”  Of course he would never refer to me directly, but has referred generally to bloggers as such.  Apparently people in the “real” media like David are angry that someone like me can […]