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Tuesday Chicago Bears News

Brad Biggs discusses the Bears’ newly worsened injury situation. Actually, according to Vaughn McClure, Brandon Llyod and Charles Tillman may not even make the trip to Detroit. Brad Maynard was told to kick the ball out of bounds.  Instead he responded with a 58-yard boomer that sealed the win. Thank God for us all, Ashton […]

Chicago Bears 2-2

Parking lot for 8 hours.  Hell of a game.  Home at 1 a.m.  Asleep at 2.  Up for work at 5.  Exhausted. No update today, other than to say what a game.  I was afraid Orton played for the Eagles in the third quarter, other than that, a solid performance.  Would be nice to see […]

Bears-Eagles Final Thoughts

Well, I’m 3-0 in predicting Bears games this season, unlike any of the “real” media who each and every one predicted a loss to Indianapolis.  I wish I were 1-2 and the Bears 3-0, they truly would be were it not for some very stupid plays at very stupid moments. I’ll fall to 3-1 if […]

Speaking of Chris Williams

So, I was thinking.  Chris Williams is starting the slow process to get back on the field.  The offensive line has played pretty well in his absence.  Do you think we have any first-round receivers, quarterbacks or defensive backs (that can actually cover) that are close to coming off of injury? You think?  Please tell […]

Jerry Angelo Getting Cute

I’ll make a few comments on Brad Biggs’ article today.  Thanks to all for the spirited conversation on yesterday’s post. Chris Williams put on pads for the first time since his back surgery yesterday.  I’m actually shocked that outside of allowing three sacks in the first half of last Sunday’s game, the offensive line has […]

Bears’ Floor Falling Out?

One of the many witty anecdotes Jerry Angelo came up with when he arrived in Chicago, to espouse during his swaying press conferences was “we draft players with better floors that ceilings.”  Presumably in Jerry-speak that meant that Angelo would pick a player that is less likely to fail over one with a higher upside […]

Day After the Disaster

Rashied Davis tells Brad Biggs how bad he feels for missing the catch of a perfect ball that would have given the Bears first-and-10 close to field goal range in overtime. His second huge drop in two weeks. But of course, every player’s buddy Lovie says “Rashied will make those catches in the future.” Blah, […]

Horse Collar Tackles Suddenly OK?

I did realize I have one lingering question/frustration about the Chicago Bears’ pathetic loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Of course I will always have lingering frustrations about the pass defense getting shredded by Brian Griese throwing to 2 receivers when they run max protect, but another thought. I don’t think I saw anything about […]

At a Loss for Words

No pun intended with the emphasis on LOSS. I really have nothing today.  What do you think about yesterday’s debacle.  Travesty.  Embarassment.?  I’d love to hear your opinions and explanations. Eight minutes left in the fourth quarter, told my neighbors at the game that there is no way anymore to feel confident in a Bears […]

Drunken Bears Fans

Think you had a bad day? See what CBS-2′s legend John Drummond had to go through in January 1987 outside Soldier Field. This is hilarious. Thanks to my co-worker/friend/big Bears fan Jeff for sending this to me. Oh, and Howard Sudberry? Dude, wonderful stache and perm. Wow! Sorry, I know I didn’t look all that […]