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Chicago Bears Tailgating Fiasco

What a day. Commute to the office at 4:30 a.m. Received a call from CLTV at 2 p.m. asking if I would appear on Garrard McClendon’s live show at 6:30 from Trib Tower, which I agreed to do. Got home around 10. I don’t check my personal e-mail at my real job, so I missed […]

Another Woeful Offensive Line

I was ecstatic when the Bears were in a position to draft Vanderbilt’s Chris Williams this year. After Jerry Angelo basically neglected drafting offensive linemen in his tenure, the Bears found themselves in 2007 with an absolute dearth of young talent on the line. This was one small step in the right direction. But Williams […]

No Big Splashes…

Today, Pro Football Talk writes that the Carolina Panthers are fed up with Steve Smith’s antics in wake of his punching teammate Ken Lucas in practice. Incidentally, Smith has been suspended two games and now will likely miss his team’s meeting with the Bears. The website mentions that if Carolina decides to trade Smith, the […]

Fudge to Clusterfudge

From And thus the clusterfudge that is the Green Bay Packers organization looks foolish yet again in this protracted string of gaffes and embarrassments. Have to hate that, huh Bears fans? Yeah, like the Bears organization never had a protracted string of gaffes and embarrassments….see 1999. Share

Monday Morning Updates

With rookie left tackle Chris Williams still out with back spasms, it looks more and more likely that the Bears will need to move veteran John Tait back to the left side. Even if the team won’t admit it. Lovie says “Rex is still our quarterback.” Kidding on that one-but Lovie does think you shouldn’t […]