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Chicago Bears: Long Year in Store

Not a very substantive headline, not a very substantive post. I am a Chicago Bears fan, looking forward to another season as usual. And I hope for the best. There is always hope when your team is 0-0. I had hope in 1997, great hope in 2000, so much hope in other seasons that turned […]

Tomlinson or Peterson #1 Overall-Fantasy Football 2008

OK, shifting gears here. I really hate dorks that talk fantasy football, but it’s that time of year. Bears training camp has broken, so allow me to digress a little. I promise this kind of thing will be very infrequent. I’ve been in the same fantasy league for three years, and every year I suck. […]

The Irony of it All

In today’s Chicago Tribune, media columnist Phil Rosenthal writes of the Bears launching a media campaign this weekend they’re calling “One City, One Team.” As the article states, the Bears have rarely felt the need to spend money on advertising in a city they dominate. I remember them doing so in 2000-2001 with a similar […]

Distinguished Bear Left Tackles

The most important position on the offensive line has been manned by these guys in Chicago. Since 1991….Stan Thomas. Troy Auzenne. Bernard Robertson. Mike Gandy. Quasim Mitchell. Now, John St. Clair. David Haugh pumps him up in his article today. In fairness, there were also a few solid players in those years: Andy Heck, Blake […]

Monday at Camp

Apparently not much of note happened at camp Monday, which is good, generally speaking. But Kyle Orton got picked off a lot. Great. Ahh, the Raiders. They signed Adam Archuleta. Good luck to them on that. For all of you that loved the performance of Caleb Hanie, you know, you’re the same person that thought […]

Chicago Bears Tailgating 3

Final segment on CLTV from August 6. Share

Chicago Bears Tailgating 2

CLTV Interview Part 2. Share

Chicago Bears Tailgating 1

Part 1 of my talk with Garrard McClendon on CLTV. Share

View from Section 249

On lunch break. Here is my 10-minute review of being at last night’s 2008 preseason opener: The Bears weren’t kidding when they announced heavier security at games. There was uniformed security, plain-clothed security officers and a ton of Chicago Police officers all over the place. On the stadium approaches, around the stadium, all over the […]

Top Pick Down, Out-Familiar?

If I were a texting teenage girl, I guess my reaction would be “OMG!” As in, oh…my…God. Tackle Chris Williams from Vanderbilt was the exact player I wanted the Bears to select in April’s draft. So it’s not as if I’m reversing what my position was at that time. I followed all the pre-draft evaluation […]