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Brett Favre Chicago Bears

So it’s been widely reported today that the Green Bay Packers may be so backed into a corner that they would consider trading Brett Favre within the NFC North. My opinion on it, which I have withheld until now? Hell yes I’d do it if I were in charge. OK-Favre haters-crucify me for my opinion, […]

“Real” Media Showdown in Bourbonnais

It was only a matter of time before something like this happened. I’m always interested in following the behind-the-scenes stories like this. I caught wind on my favorite Bears message board that some dude named or calling himself Roy (NOT ME) had apparently been taping each Chicago Bears practice and posting it on YouTube with […]

Thursday Camp Storylines

Doesn’t sound like good news to me on the quarterback competition. Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton were told to compete and win the job, and guess what, neither is winning. Robbie Gould has been working hard on increasing the distance of his kickoffs. If you believe David Haugh, apparently second-year cornerback Corey Graham will leapfrog […]

Good Luck, Nick Hill

Yesterday the Chicago Bears announced they waived quarterback Nick Hill. Hill was signed as a free agent by the Bears after the 2008 NFL Draft. Hill had a fantastic career at Southern Illinois University and had people comparing him to Tony Romo following the signing. Hill’s “people” will have some work to do on his […]

Ricky Manning: Good as Gone

I still can’t figure out what caused Ricky Manning Jr.’s dramatic fall from grace. Manning was signed prior to the 2006 season to shore up a Bear secondary that had been torched in the previous year’s playoffs. The Bears thought so highly of him that they gave up their third-round pick for the right to […]

Bears Tight End Depth

In today’s Chicago Sun-Times, Brad Biggs writes of the depth the Bears have at the tight end position. He also raves of the “ace package”, which replaces fullback Jason McKie with TE Greg Olsen, lending extreme versatility to the Bear offense. This is great, only this isn’t new. In the preseason of 2007, the Bears […]

Hester Gets His Deal

Interesting first five days it was for us and Devin Hester. First he’s mad, boycotts camp for two days, says he won’t report without a new deal. Then after two days, he reports without a new deal, after allegedly being fined $30,000. (Incidentally, no one is mentioning if the $30K in fines stuck. If anyone […]

Record-Breaking Holdout

That was quick. Devin Hester is back. Two days, $30,000 in fines, same contract. Way to go, Devin. Share

Trade Devin Hester

I mean….TRADE DEVIN HESTER? Another story from the pages of sportswriters that write things simply for the reaction, not that they actually believe it’s something that would ever happen in a million years. Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune is usually a little more level-headed than, say, everyone’s pal Jay Mariotti. But it’s all about […]

Bears in Pads Today

A roundup of stories appearing today… Brad Biggs of the Sun-Times was busy yesterday. One of his stories states the importance of camp battles at the offensive line positions. The Sun-Times contacted Brian Mitchell, holder of NFL return records that Devin Hester is close to breaking, and asked him about Hester’s situation. Of course Mitchell, […]