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Chicago Bears Offseason Predictions

I used to eagerly await the release of the offseason pro football preseason magazines from the likes of Athlon, Sporting News and Lindy’s.  Even as recently as five years ago, they still provided much more detail on the coming season than anything else one could find.  But in the 21st century era of the Internet, […]

261 Days

Although I’m dating myself, I’ll explain again that I became a Chicago Bears fan in 1979 when I was 8 years old.  I played organized baseball, not football, as a grade schooler, but football was always my first sport. I did follow both the Cubs and the White Sox during the summers, in the early […]

Tommie Harris-Finally Good News

The Bears announced the signing of defensive tackle Tommie Harris to a four-year contract extension on Thursday, with a press conference set for today. The deal is reportedly worth $40 million in new money, with $17 million guaranteed. Harris becomes the highest paid interior lineman in the NFL with this deal. According to Brad Biggs […]

1994 Chicago Bears Season

Latest update at, the 1994 Chicago Bears season. In 1994, the Chicago Bears’ young head coach continued to imprint his deep stamp on the team. Native son of the same area as his predecessor, the legendary Mike Ditka, Dave Wannstedt wielded personnel control that Ditka could only dream of, and used it to mold […]

Smith: We’re Fine at RB

According to Head Coach Lovie Smith, the Bears are fine at running back and won’t be signing a veteran for the 2008 season to back up the new starter, rookie Matt Forte. “We like the running backs we have now,” Smith said. Hm.  To me, beginning a season with the Super Bowl window barely cracked […]

2008 Chicago Bears Tailgating

Must be June. Offseason team activities are over. Players are headed home and getting arrested, gearing up for training camps starting in just over a month. And time for me to start thinking about Chicago Bears Tailgating 2008. And complaining about Chicago Bears policies regarding tailgating. As a season ticket holder, I received the annual […]

One Failed Pick on Another

Nice work again, Brad Biggs. Today Biggs gives us Michael Haynes’ take on Cedric Benson. Haynes, the 14th overall pick of the 2003 NFL draft by the Bears, spent one full season and another preseason with Benson on the Bears’ roster. His take? Benson got the money, was lazy, and didn’t care. Never thought he’d […]

Why Cedric Cried

David Haugh of the Chicago Tribune reports that Cedric Benson didn’t cry on draft day because he was frustrated about the “unfair” evaluation process teams go through before they invest millions in a high draft choice. According to Haugh, he was crying because his agent already knew the Bears weren’t prepared to meet Benson’s contract […]

Ode to Cedric Benson

Cedric, we hardly knew ye in Chicago.  I’d like to be able to say fine-I’m glad he’s gone.  But I’m not.  I would have loved to be proven wrong for hating the pick 30 seconds after they made it in 2005, but I was right, along with I’m sure thousands of other Bears fans who […]

Bears Release Benson

Cedric Benson’s Chicago Bears career ended today much as I thought it would when the Chicago Bears drafted him fourth overall in 2005. Not with Benson performing like a Neal Anderson, but with him performing for three years more like Rashaan Salaam or Curtis Enis. Good riddance to another wasted draft pick. What happened to […]