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Urlacher About-Face

So it seems Brian Urlacher will be in attendance at this weekend’s minicamp after all. Share

Brian Urlacher to be No-Show

According to Lance Briggs, Brian Urlacher will be a no-show at the Bears’ mandatory minicamp this weekend. Snore. See you at training camp, Brian. At least this gave me something, anything to post today. Share

Salaam on Benson

Wow, what a good idea that was to call up one of the many Bears running back busts to comment on another member of that club. Greg Couch did just that, with comical results, when he asked Rashaan Salaam comment on Cedric Benson. Salaam’s comments include his belief that Benson stopped trying or caring the […]

Kyle Orton Photos

**These links are somewhat not suitable for workplace clicking, be advised.** Only somewhat, though. I have to admit I found this one funny. I have liked Kyle Orton from the day the Bears drafted him, and I have high hopes for him in 2008. I could be totally wrong, but it’s that omnipresent Bears/Cubs fan […]

Chicago Bears OTA News

With Bears getting arrested and impregnating women (sorry, couldn’t resist), lots and lots of women for some, it’s hard to remember that Organized Team Activities (OTA’s) are in progress. Tidbits: People can’t stop raving about Cedric Benson’s weight loss, for some reason. John Tait has officially switched to his more natural position at right tackle, […]

NFL Labor Problems

Dan Pompei wrote a real good Q&A piece on what the current NFL Labor unrest in today’s Chicago Tribune, for us fans that just don’t understand things (thanks hub). For some reason, it’s not available on the Tribune’s website. Nice way to embrace 21st century journalism. So here is an article by AP’s Dave Goldberg […]

1965 Champions? Really?

This is low-hanging fruit, really. But I can’t resist. On the Chicago Bears website, on the page with information for the 2008 Bears Fan Expo, the organization claims that members from each of the last three World Championship teams will be in attendance. Richard Dent from 1985? Check. Ed Sprinkle from 1946? Check. Doug Buffone […]

Tumbling Tumbleweed

When even my go-to guy Brad Biggs doesn’t have anything to report on his blog, you know there hasn’t been much to write about lately. Some quick hits: Apparently, Chris Williams’ arms are short, which may have affected his draft position. Yeah, right. If the Bears hadn’t taken Williams, another team probably would have snatched […]

Insert Cliche’ Headline Here

Good as Gould! Gould is Money! Gould Payday! Etc. We don’t know for how much Gould, but today the Bears used some of their salary cap space to re-sign Robbie, the most accurate kicker in their history. It’s a five-year deal running through 2013. What a find by Jerry Angelo. Gould was signed in 2005 […]

Kyle Orton: An Upgrade?

Whew. Aside from the NFL’s latest boating scandal, there isn’t much going on with the Bears at the present juncture. I had nothing, but thankfully Brad Biggs of the Chicago Sun-Times has bailed me out. Saw him on television at the Bears Care Gala, and he probably got a few tidbits to use for his […]